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“We Should Never Allow Anyone To Take Advantage Of Our Present Situation” – Pembi
Written by Adamawa Celebrities on 4th March 2017
….as Michika election is postponed
Fellow kinsmen, I make bold to write and celebrate us for our sense of maturity, our enviable resilience and our unmatched patience, which has now become a positive reference point in Nigeria’s political parlance.
We have come this far to stay this far and I urge us to keep it up for in due course, we will enjoy the joy of our labour. We are known as people of great intelligence and forthrightness has been our watch word. We have shown everyone that we are truly a p pole of impeccable independence.

We should therefore, continue in this might and we will surely win at the end of the day. We should never allow anyone to take advantage of our present situation and lure us into taking the laws into our hands, nothing is worth our collective good as our collective goal is to have a Michika where everyone is equal, a Michika where no one is more important than the other, a Michika where both the haves and the haves not can reason together, a Michika where our political leaders (at local government level) are elected through the ballot box, a Michika where we all have a voice, a Michika of our decision, a Michika of our present, a Michika of our future, a Michika of the Kamue nation, a Michika of great importance, a Michika of decent people, a Michika of our fathers.

By Pembi David-Stephen
On behalf of all and every Kamue.

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