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We Are Kicking out Politics of Religion and Primordial Sentiments in Adamawa State – Moh’d Fawas
Written by Adamawa Celebrities on 3rd March 2017

By: Tom Garba

The Public Relation Officer (PRO) of a Youth affiliation known as “Youth Awareness Association for Social Development” (YAASODEV), Mohammed Fawas said that Adamawa Youths should intentionally educate and be reminded that religion and tribal governmental issues has been the sort of legislative issues playing In the state and if proceeds with it won’t betoken well for the whole individuals of the state most particularly the young people.

As indicated by him the legislative issues has just prevailing with regards to planting seeds of abhorrences and disunity among the disciples of the adherents of the two noteworthy religions (Islam and Christianity).

We foresee an incoming danger to the people of Adamawa state most especially the youths who are at the receiving end of the fight. It is as simple to say that we have boarded a capsized boat heading to rock us down against growth and development“. Fawas said

He focused on that the nostalgic style of governmental issues is approaching the state to the skirt of disharmony subjecting most qualified possibilities pioneers to be consigned in reverse, clearing approach to scoundrels with nothing in them to significant add to the improvement of the state.

Before 2019 general elections our Main duty is to tour all the 21 LGAs in the State preaching against the politics of religion, tribal or sectional and for now we have succeeded in visiting four LGAs and our message is well passed and accepted.

“Many people have keyed into our vision and dream, and by all indications the people of Adamawa state are tired of using religion or tribe to defraud them from getting the right people to lead us“. He added

Fawas however kept up that Hon. Emmanuel Bello, the previous House of Assembly Member spoke to the People of Gombi/Hong Federal voting public of Adamawa State has ended up being a Symbol and exemplification of a decent pioneer who is after the prosperity of each individual that is near him, not disapproving of the religion one profess,the tribe or one’s place of birthplace.

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He kept on saying that if Nigerians can get individuals like Emma holding the undertakings of administration in the nation, he wager that Nigeria will be a wonderful nation on the planet.

We in YASODEV have decided to be preaching the good qualities of Emma so that many of his type will come out to form alliances that will de-radicalise and wash down the mentality of religion politics that our people have been brain washed with. Politics of religion has killed us in this part of the country and indeed Nigeria, only God through His love and mercies can save us.

“Bellona Christian was a gubernatorial aspirant under APC party, later gave up the struggle to support Governor Mohammed Umaru Jibrilla Bindow and a Muslim against his Christian Brother, Marcus Gundiri, and immensely supported both in kind and in cash to the success of the party.

“Right now that I’m talking to you, he is somehow been caged out of the system of governance in the state, even at that he only believe in oneness, togetherness and progress of our dear State and don’t care who is from where and the religion he or she practice if they are doing what is good”.


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