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The Powerful Power Brokers Are At It Again! – Fwa
Written by Adamawa Celebrities on 16th March 2017
Fenny J. Fwa writes:
Let us Watch and pray and leave the rest to God. The moment you now begin to talk about the disconnect in the polity that is impacting negatively on the socio- economic development of the nation, the PMB disciples will call you on sorts of names. Otherwise where on earth will the president anoint a candidate send his name to the senate and another appointee of the president whose appointment can be terminated by the president without referring to any body or referring to any law would have the temerity and without blinking of eye send a report that will indict a nominee of the president and still retain his job?

How can the president send the name of a nominee to the senate without resolving all the grey areas with his closest aides? How can close aides of president weld so much power that will go behind the scene and align with another arm of government to rubbish the candidate of the president. I know I’m Mr nobody but the day that happens and I call the shots at Aso Rock vila, all the heads of such aides will roll.

When we talk about a powerful faceless kitchen cabinet we are lampooned for talking balderdash.
We have been spared of these melodramas in the past 50 days. Just few days when Mr president resumed office in addition to Mr president being bashed by the rejection of his nominee for EFFC chair by the senate, we have been sadly entertained with the antics of the arrogant and all powerful Hameed of custom who behaves as if he is not answerable to anybody. His decision on imported vehicles that is condemned by the generality of the people as being in bad taste and a disservice to interest of the vehicle users which is also supported by the senate has heated the polity unnecessarily. What’s more, his contempt for the custom which is clearly shown in his refusal to wear their uniform was extended to the hollowed chambers of senate by initially refusing to honour their invitation. We are told It took the intervention of the president for him to soft pedal and reach out to the senate.

Just from Monday to today, the president has been in office for three days and these heartless aides who have never been bothered on his score sheet on core issues should at least bother about his delicate health that doesn’t require unnecessary tension and altercation.

Sad, really sad. The time has come for the president to deflate their egos that have caused consternation in the system which have been visibly counterproductive by calling their bluff in terms of putting them where they rightly belong or fire them. There can never be multiple leaders in the system. Only one man calls the shots and in this case it’s Mr president
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