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The Anti Corruption Fight Is Been Hampard By The Same Elements – Ibrahim
Written by Adamawa Celebrities on 16th March 2017
Ibrahim Mohammed Ibrahim writes:
It clearly seen that the anti corruption fight is been hampard by the same elements we all verhamently disagree with the way and manner they occupy the offices they are using today to drag Nigeria back.

This class of individuals had totally forgot that the country is above and individual and the country is premise on rule of law.

The concept of the rule of law has three clear cut meanings,

1. Absolute supremacy of the law as the basis for measuring the conduct of individuals and groups. Theirfor their is a saying which goes thus ‘Where the rule of law reigns the law is supreme,not men’s his usually reduces the discretion exercised by those in government like those putting obstacles in our anti corruption war.

2. Absolute equality befor the law.the central point of this dimension of the rule of law is that all citizens who violate or offend against the law of the land will be subjected to the same treatment before the law.

3. The final dimension of the rule of law relates to the personal liberty of the citizens as viewed by the ordinary courts of the land.According to this principle, in England as opposed to many other countries,the liberties of the citizens such as the right to life,to freedom of expression and assembly as well as freedom of movement, are perceived as inherent rights of the citizen that are to be interpreted and protected by independent judges sitting in court.

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In Nigeria chapter IV of the Nigerian Constitution Articles 33-46 outlines the fundamental Rights of Nigerians,that need to be protected by the high courts.

Theirfor to those who are thinking that because they or members of their families are been charged for Corruption they can distroy the anti corruption way it not possible because Nigeria is above their selfish interest.

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