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Thanking All The Good People That Attended The Dedication And The Launching Of The New Testament Bible In Mbula Language – Fwa
Written by Adamawa Celebrities on 14th March 2017
Fenny J Fwa‘s Message of Appreciation”
behalf His Royal Highness the Murum Mbula, Murum Joram Joel Fwa, I wish
to express his profound gratitude and appreciation to the great
personalities and the entire people from all the nooks and crannies of
the country that graced the auspicious occasion of the dedication and
launching of the translated Mbula New Testament Bible . It was well
attended, dedicated and launched with pomp and pageantry.

wish to say big thanks to His Excellency the Governor of Adamawa
Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla (Bindow), who was ably represented by
His Excellency the Deputy Governor Rt Hon Martins Nasir Babale. This
show of solidarity, love and financial support will remain indelible in
the minds of our people.
Excellency the Governor of Taraba DDI ably represented by the Taraba
CAN Chairman Rev.Dr Benjamin Ubeh. His Excellency DDI amazed us with his
goodwill message and financial contribution. We are highly appreciative
and grateful with this unprecedented kind gesture.

people of Taraba came in huge numbers as the chief launcher Hon Danladi
Baidu a member of house representative ably represented by by Pastor
Gambo, the chairman of the occasion and the speaker of Taraba state
house of Assembly Rt Hon Peter Abel Diah who was physically present with
our good friend Hon Katabs, the former chairman of Sardauna local
government and former SSG of Taraba state demonstrated their affinity
and affection to our people because their contribution to the success of
the launching cannot be easily quantified.

came our sister the amiable, beautiful Olvadi zakary who was the
chairlady at the occasion. She was equal to the task as she spoke
colourfully, with poise and supported the dedication and launching
own in Adamawa state house of Assembly Hon Lumsambani contributed from
the preparation of programme and capping it with the launching of the
project where he denoted generously and also ensured that the programme
was successfully executed. Hon Talatu Yohanna our member in the House of
Representatives ,although didn’t attend,but sent her financial
contribution and for that we are appreciative. The chairman of Demsa
local government Hon Wale Fenny Fwa and her councillors were not left
out of this spiritual project as they contributed immensely to its
success. We are most grateful.

planning committee chaired by Hon Felix Tagwami did a remarkable job in
packaging the programme for the ceremony which was hugely successful.
We are indebted to you for a marvelous job.

special appreciation and gratitude goes to the Bible translation
committee led by Evangelist K K Sapan and the administrative committee
led by Mrs Helpina Fwa. This people will occupy a special place in the
annals of the Mbula nation as they tenaciously, meticulously
transparently and spiritually worked for 7 years to translate this holy
book and bringing it to ordinary Mbula people. We remain eternally
grateful to you and we prayed that your good deeds you will find favour
from God and humanity.

appreciation and gratitude will not be complete without commending the
churches in land who supported this project from the beginning to the
end. Well done and it’s our earnest prayers that God will enrich your
spiritual work.

the entire Mbula nation I say yauwa because collectively we contributed
physically, materially, finally and morally to deliver this project
from conception to reality.

more, thank you all for this wonderful spiritual work and it’s our
fervently prayers that your efforts will not be in vain as our Almighty
God will surely bless you abundantly.

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