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My Take: Police Parade 20 Suspects Over Ile Ife Crisis.
Written by Adamawa Celebrities on 21st March 2017
By Luwa D D Michika 

I’m not condemning our security agencies for the swift response by arresting the perpetrators of this heinous crime. But pertinent among the questions I keep asking myself is, how can the suspects of this nefarious act be paraded in Abuja, and not in osogbo where the crime is committed? And I hope our government knows that this issue of ethnic violence between the Hausas and their host communities(the yorubas) is a very sensitive one that they should handle it with levity. 

The state government should form Truth and Reconcialition Committee to submit it report within a month. This will aid security agencies investigation to unravel the masterminds of this heinous crime against humanity. And lastly, I wished other flash spot like Benue, Nasarawa, Kaduna states etc could be handled so swiftly by fishing out suspects like the ones in IleIfe. 
All human live is the same and important.
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