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Mbula Nation Groans Under Fulani Jihadists’ invasion
Written by "> on 14th July 2018
Kills 12 in 4- day operation.

No fewer than twelve persons have been murdered in cold blood following an invasion of Luru, Girbu, Bakobi, Dagyo and Murpwassa villages in Demsa and Girei Local Governments of Adamawa State by Fulani Jihadists suspected to be members of the dreaded Boko Haram Islamic Sect during a 4-day uninterrupted raid on the communities.

The Fulani jihadists were reportedly seen gaining entrance into the territory of the Mbula Kingdom in droves on motorcycles through Jebbi lamba and other secret routes to attack their victims.

A Resident of Luru town, Mr Raymond Barth told newsmen that the Jihadists attacked his community twice and killed two persons while a considerable portion of the town was burnt down in ashes before they moved to attack Bakobi, a sister settlement.

Another Bakobi Resident who gave his name as Ndeina said that his community knew of their intention to invade them but they succeeded to repel them after they engaged each other in a shoot out, emphasizing that his community lost three of his people in the process. He continued that after they retreated, they had to take on Dagyo another settlement where they killed five persons from there and torched the whole town adding that settlements from Girbu and Murpwassa suffered two additional casualties.

“Today is the fifth day of the operation and we are still hearing gun shots from a distance and we are disturbed that the military have not shown up to engaged them all this while. As at today we have gotten wind of a plan by the jihadists to attack Bakobi again and we are mobilizing against the attack. We cannot wait for the security forces for immediate help since our experience has shown that they have not been always helpful. A team of police officers only came to Luru and inspected the damages and left. Surprisingly, the locals contributed funds and gave it to team of military personnel to fuel their military van when they complained for lack of fuel but they looked the other way and never came back,” an anonymous speaker narrated. The communities are worried that this is the fifth day of the jihadists raid and the government is doing virtually nothing to defend the locals from the Jihadists agressors.

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