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“Let Me Say This, I Do Not Know The Date Of My Birth,…” – Obadanjo
Written by Adamawa Celebrities on 3rd March 2017
Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has described how hard he attempted to know his real date of birth.

He went similar to counseling an astrologer in India to find out the date, he told a crowd of people yesterday in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital.

The astrologer according to Obasanjo, neglected to reveal to him the date, however disclosed to him that he would get to be distinctly extraordinary and live long.

Obasanjo said when he met the astrologer, he extended forward his palms towards the man and requesting that he read and decide when precisely he was conceived.

Talking at the “2017 International Youth Variety Day” and people in general introduction of his books entitled: “The World of the Tortoise”, the two-time pioneer, who is the Balogun of Owu Kingdom, noticed that counseling a celestial prophet in India was a piece of the measures he took in the past to disentangle his introduction to the world date.

As indicated by him, his to a great extent unskilled guardians kept no record of his introduction to the world in 1937.

The opening of the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library (OOPL) on Siun-Sagamu Road, Abeokuta, to check the ex-President’s 80th birthday was additionally some portion of the occasion.

It was composed by the Center for Human Security (CHS), an arm of the OOPL.

Clarifying further, Obasanjo said that the crystal gazer couldn’t help the circumstance in the wake of perusing his palms.

The ex-President, who will join the Octogenarian club on Sunday, emphasized his prior stand that he doesn’t know his introduction to the world date and would not have any desire to leave anyone in disarray about it.

“Let me say this, I do not know the date of my birth, when I started school, we were asked to give our date of birth. I used to ask my mother, she would say ‘You were born on Ifo Market Day.’ He Said.

The former president said “She said ‘you were born on Ifo Market Day. Tell them you were born on Ifo Market Day. All the my mother, an illiterate woman, could remember was that it was an Ifo Market Day and before the people who went to the market returned, he had fallen into labour and I was delivered,”

Obasanjo clarified that since he didn’t know his actual age, he chose to depend on the age section of his mates, whose birth dates are set up to pick a date for himself.

On why he set up the OOPL after his residency as an equitably chose president in 2007, he said it was intended to address the lack of “institutional memory” in Nigeria.

He said the OOPL, displayed after the United States (U.S.) Presidential Library, will serve the youthful and old on accumulations and conservation of past records and cross over any barrier between Nigerians’ conduct and mentality, which he noted are quick dissolving the general public.

Going down the world of fond memories, Obasanjo reviewed his jail involvement in Yola, Adamawa State. He said his association with detainees uncovered that they were casualties of parental and societal disappointment in the advancement of good values.

He said: “One of the confusion in peoples’ mind is that presidential library is the same as normal library. And I see many people sending books to me. The Library is for the both young and old. I also believe that it might start bridging the gap between in our behaviour and attitude.

“One of our behavioural pattern and attitude is that we have no institutional memory; that is what brings about the idea of presidential library. If you go into our national Museums, what you see will be pathetic but these are national treasure.

“When I was growing up, if people are very doubtful of your source of wealth, you are isolated, you are ostracised. If your father goes out every night then, the conclusion is that your father maybe a thief. And we would be cleverly told to mind how we relate with children from such father,” Obasanjo said.

Anambra State Governor Willie Obiano, who talked on the event, said his state imparted a typical proclivity to the previous President with respect to “advancement of perusing society and annihilation of absence of education” in the nation.

Obiano uncovered that his organization has through its three-prong program on instruction, foundation and educators’/understudies’ welfare, raised the general population’s perusing society and access to quality and moderate training.

The senator, who was spoken to at the event by the Anambra State Commissioner for Education, Prof. Kate Omenugha, shared his idea on the topic: “Presidential Libraries will reduce leadership deficit in Africa”.

 The theme was additionally broadly bantered by auxiliary school understudies and varsity understudies drawn from more than seven states the nation over.

He said his organization has a target to position Anambra as one of the states with the most elevated proficiency figure only a similar route Obasanjo, through composing of books, working of library and interest in training, has been expanding perusing society and education level.

Obiano, who denounced the quick declining society, especially among the more youthful era, reviewed a circumstance where a third year undergrad who was made a request to express “broker” stated “trada” in light of the fact that he didn’t right spelling.

He commended Obasanjo for his proceeded with commitment to the development and improvement of the nation even at 80, particularly attempting to resuscitate perusing society among the more youthful era.

In her comments, Governor Ibikunle Amosun’s better half, Olufunso, encouraged the young people to “imbibe the culture of hard work, perseverance and good work ethics” as they seek to make progress in life.

Greatness is only achievable through hard work and perseverance. Nothing good comes easy and any disappointment should be viewed as part of the learning curve and winding road to success”, she said.

Talking prior, Education Minister Mallam Adamu and the lady African President of the International Geographical Union, Prof Akin Mabogunje, paid sparkling tributes to the previous President, who they kept up, remains a remarkable pioneer.

Adamu portrayed Obasanjo as a detribalised Nigerian and an “rare gift to Nigeria“. Prof. Mabogunje said the previous President “stands tall among world leaders.”

I am conscious of the fact that as an accomplished gentleman, an engineer, a General, a leader, a politician and at 80, you are still a student. You legacy will always be protected by all us”, the minister, who was represented by Dr Yakubu Gambo, said

Lauded Obasanjo for composed a kids’ book, Adamu said the book would be purchased and conveyed crosswise over schools in 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Mabogunje, who seats the Governing Board of the CHS, at the OOPL, highlighted the advantages of the library noted Nigerian and African young people, saying that meeting the library would give then transformational experience.

The eminent geographer included that Obasanjo’s library, if sufficiently investigated, would enhance administration in Africa.

Mabogunje entrusted Africans ““on good governance through commitment, resilence, diligence, probity and not through corruption.”

Understudies from 47 optional schools and understudies from 30 colleges crosswise over seven states took an interest in civil arguments entitled: “Young people will benefit from Presidential Libraries in Africa than old people” and “Presidential Libraries will reduce leadership deficit in Africa.”

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