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Ganye: Between The Sponsorship Of Insult And The Business Of Giving Hope
Written by Adamawa Celebrities on 3rd March 2017
Abdulrahman Njidda Yebbi writes:
Give these young men hope and help them to be self reliant. A hundred birds or less in a poultry farm can make a difference. My boys make 5k profit in a day from their small poultry farm i helped them built. Copy from me and stop misusing the office an Honourable.

Life will be horrible if we all can get some one who can fight our war over the social media. Many youths are staying idle out there waiting to be used, for good or for bad. Don’t be “Horrible” but Honourable, that’s why we entrusted you with our mandate.

Face me in the duel (fight) and stop using this teenage boy as a sacrificial lamb for your selfish ambition. The people of Ganye, especially parents will never forgive you if you use your position to manipulate their children to do your dirty deals instead of giving them hope.

Please stop teaching them to insult elders over the social media. Teach them to grow up to be true ambassadors and if you want them to become like me, that is, a social critic and a real practising lawyer, send them to me I will teach them how to criticise your irresponsible representation and your leadership of division amongGiver people without necessarily insulting you.

There is a difference between my write ups and those buccaneers and thugs you employed as your social media warriors is that I criticise policies while they insult personalities. The sin of those your warriors insulted are on your neck as their children, parents and relatives are watching.

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Your instruction to them to insult any one who dare oppose your policies shows what is going on in your mind and your intention about the people of Ganye Local Government Area.

Lastly, ask around in Ganye to know how your integrity is now in question. The case I have instituted is primarily done to know if you really support the daily insult against the personalities in Ganye. Masha Allah, the Ganye people now know that you did not only support it but finance it. Therefore, let’s get going and see who gets tired at the end, you or I that don’t have to pay a dime to employ a lawyer.

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