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Fellow Compatriots Shine Your Elites – Fwa
Written by Adamawa Celebrities on 18th March 2017
Mrs Cecelia Ibru
Fenny j Fwa writes:
When it comes to protecting common interest, the Nigerian elites are quick to dump the ethno religious considerations that have threatened the corporate existence of the country. Magu threatens the common interests of senators i.e the confiscation of their ill gotten wealth and risking being jailed if he sails through.

Sometimes they also use the ethnic and religious card to avoid prosecution. Remember when Mrs Cecelia Ibru defrauded depositors money worth hundred of billions of Naira with defunct Oceanic bank and was removed and jailed by SLS tsunami when he was CBN governor, the Urhobo Union used substantial funds in major Newspapers and in a strongly worded advertorial condemned the prosecution of Mrs Ibru as a witch haunt of their daughter. 
When there was clamour for the removal of Stella Odua the then embattled minister of Aviation, the Ndi Igbo came out in an a expensive advertorial in major National dailies and emphatically told the bewildered nation that their daughter should be left alone.

Fellow compatriots shine your elites. The earlier we jettison the manipulation of elites using primordial ties to achieve predetermined interest and forge a pan Nigeria project for the good of the country, the better for us.
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