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Fact About Celebrity Boyfriends, Heartbreaks Are Unavoidable
Written by Adamawa Celebrities on 15th March 2017
That glittering, shape-shifting phenomenon, when you find him throw his arms around you, drawing you closer to his body more especially when in public; an environs of mates and other fellow stunning ladies. The only feelings flowing down your senses is that of a real love.
What exactly did you get from the time spent cruising in his newly branded plate numbered Lamborghini? Was it exactly what you wanted?
It might be of awesome or just another case of a broken-heart, but, facts has it that only few ladies end up with the ring in their finger.  After touring his catchy celebrity gigs, you end up dumped into the bin left in pieces for the breeze to dust you off.
Have you ever wondered why the most handsome dude, with the glittering looks always pick that trashy roadside village girl to take home to mama? 
There are a lot of superstars who keep on dating “standard individuals” despite the fact that they’ve hit fame.
Everybody might hate this village princess, but he keeps dating her. And you’re like, Dude, why? “I need to say something to him in regards to it, however then you recollect that you can’t. You can’t, on the grounds that he is a well known performing artist or artist or model and you don’t really know him that much to the extend of pouring your mind to him, but you feel blue because he smiled at you the moment you caught his eyes at one of the performing moments of his career. 
He is cool to accommodate every one of the ladies he comes around at each event he was invited to. He is businessman, customer satisfaction is what his profession demands. You are just one of such.
Craving for fame do not mean blending or getting loosed to microphone gods. In one way or the other, they would get fed-up with you only because of the way you relayed the first impression to them and the controversial decisions running their minds either to accept or not.
Taking a look at my community, the “I Want To Be Famous” girls dedicate most of their energy in rushing and getting loosed to the so called celebrities, building castles in the air. Giving it all to what does not exist. This is only because they want to see their faces trending the social media, and their names rocking every lips in gatherings.
It has become a trend and they forgot that emotions can not be deceived. By getting closer to these so-called celebrities, do you expect him to drive you to fame, while he is still struggling to satisfy fans with standard contents, making way for himself to real time stardom?
Dating a superstar do not make you a superstar, but the amount of calmness and respect you tune yourself with would  attract them to love you for who you are and treat you like the diva you always wanted to be.
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