Dear Bride, Here Are Ideas For Something New For Your Wedding By Sherry McKenna


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Weddings are beyond exciting; there is the music, the ceremony, the cake, and the joy that fills the air as two people commit to each other for eternity. Perhaps the most exhilarating part for many people is the blushing bride as she walks down the aisle towards her soon-to-be husband. It is romantic, it is touching, and it is the iconic moment of any wedding.
Yet for brides who are strapped for cash, achieving that gorgeous appearance can be difficult. With the prices of gowns soaring through the roof, how can you get a dress that is beautiful and elegant, yet affordable? Take a cue from more contemporary weddings, and you may find short wedding dresses to be chic, flattering, and suitable for your wallet.
Short on Length, Long on Style
Short wedding dresses are becoming more and more popular these days as brides want to branch out and try something new and exciting. The ho-hum look of a full white gown is getting a bit tiresome for brides. They want to stun their groom and guests, and nothing screams fresh and fashionable like a shorter hem. Plus, these shorter styles lend more sexiness to an otherwise dull ensemble. Some ladies love to show off their legs, and these shorter options are a great way to do so without losing classiness and elegance.
Show Some Skin, But Not Too Much
That being said, it is important to remember that this is a wedding, and there are certain things that are appropriate and inappropriate. Of course, the bride and groom are responsible for setting the tone of the ceremony, so if the atmosphere is more party-like, than short wedding dresses are a great option. Having a casual or informal outdoor ceremony lends itself very well to these leggy looks, so long as the bride remembers to cover up in other places. You don’t want to show too much skin, which is why many short-length dresses feature high necklines or cap sleeves. It is best to leave a bit to the imagination!
Bringing it all Together
Finally, take your dress length into account when you choose your makeup, hair, and accessories. What kind of shoes will you want to wear with your gown? It’s an important question since your feet will be visible in a short dress. Do you want the emphasis to be on the length, or do you want to play it down with an elaborate hairstyle and jewelry? Be sure to bring it all together to complete your bridal look in a classy way that stays true to you.
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