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CAF Will Now Breathe Fresh Air
Written by Adamawa Celebrities on 17th March 2017
Fenny J. Fwa writes:
Finally the strong man of Confederation of African Football Isa Hayatou just like his godfather Sepp Blatter has finally kissed the dust after being its president for 29 solid years. The man who defeated him by 34 votes to 20 is none other than Ahmad Ahmad of Madagascar. It’s time for Hayatu to go and new ideas be injected in the management of football that is in dire need of qualitative changes.
In fairness to Hayatou,the man has done much to raise the standard of football in Africa. He is being credited for some of these major achievements.

It’s to the credit of Hayatu as he raised African slots to World Cup from 2-5. He brought World Cup to Africa for the first time as the competition was hosted in South Africa in 2010. CAF under Hayatou did a lot to promote youth football. It was because of that Nigeria won the under 17 tournament 5 times. Similarly Ghana won the under 17 tournament twice and went on to set the record in Africa by winning the under 20 tournament in 2009, the first African team to record such a feat.

Under the leadership of Hayatou, a lot of money was made in hosting of AFCON, especially on TV rights. Such proceeds were used to fund the various FAs in Africa.

There were however minuses in the long reign of Hayatu which impacted negatively on African football.
The CAF president failed woefully checkmate the brazen corruption perpetrated in most FAs in Africa to the extent that players were shortchanged and essential projects and programmes of the FAs were not executed thereby impacting negatively to growth and development of soccer.

Ahmad Ahmad has therefore a Herculean task ahead to change the backward football landscape in Africa.
The first step is to parley with the respective governments in Africa to invest substantial funds to develop soccer particularly the construction and modernization of football stadia to meet the world standard. Similarly soccer Academies have to be built in all the nooks crannies of the countries to train upcoming footballers.He should Urge Africa leaders to look for competent hands to vie for leadership of the respective FAs in the continent, especially the ex international who are well grounded in the complexities and the dynamics of football having played the game at the highest level and knowing the problems of players will take proactive steps to carter for their needs that are being trampled on by visionless and corrupt FAs.

It’s extremely important that the leadership of CAF should work tirelessly with companies and corporate organizations as in developed climes to sponsor football meets. So far glo GSM company in Nigeria is doing a lot to promote soccer in Nigeria and DSTV in South Africa. Ahmad needs to reach out to people like Dangote in Nigeria, Ibrahim moi of Sudan, MTN in South Africa and most oil companies extracting oil in Africa, making substantial profits etc.

Ahmad should,with immediate effect,stop the hosting of AFCON in Africa in January which ought to be hosted in June after major leagues in the world Would have been completed. This is being done on the pretext that most of the countries in Africa are wet in June . This is the most mentally lazy decision packaged by CAF. Snore has been falling in Europe during winter and that has that stopped the playing of soccer in Europe? What they have done is they took proactive measures using appropriate technology to checkmate the menace of snore. What stops us from doing that beside there is weather reading apparatus that could be used to fix matches. The 2010 World Cup was staged in South Africa in June during winter. The South Africans deployed appropriate technology to mitigate the adverse effect of winter. Qatar is hosting the World Cup in 2022. Because of the high temperatures during that period, it is cooling the stadia the matches will be played and the pitches the players are going to train.

CAF has not assessed the collateral damage done to players when hosting this tournament in January . They leave their clubs at the peak of league which will likely affect the fortune of their clubs and there is the possibility that when they come back some players must have replaced them in their position with their new found form . After playing every two days, they come back completely fatigued which may eventually impact negatively on their performances in their respective clubs. Unless it has become absolutely necessary, major clubs avoid recruiting African players unless they have no alternative. Ahmad has to do something on this and swiftly.

The new CAF president should also work towards technologically driven CAF with vision, pulling mental, material and physical resources from government and non governmental organizations to bring about quantum leap in the development of soccer in Africa. Stemming of the monumental corrupt being perpetrated in the FAs should be one of his priorities. The lack of all these essential attributes have whittled the performance of our Almighty CAF.

Ahmad this your time and Africa’s time to correct the abnormalities that have constituted a clog in the wheel of progress of football. Luckily you on the same page with FIFA president Gianni Infantino who was was behind your candidature for the CAF election.

NB kindly put in your contribution because I must find a way of sending this to CAF even if it means going to the HQRS of CAF in Cairo.
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