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Need To Encourage Physically Challenge Persons

Monday, April 09, 2018

/ by Adamawa Celebrities
Disability is a physical or mental condition that limits a person's movements, sense or activities but it does not hinder those persons from achieving their purpose in life, but only if he or she accepts to be defeated will now hindered his or her disability.

Some perceive disability as being lame, paralyzed, but that's not the case, to some it may be skin color, attitude, physical and learning difficulty.
Life is a special gift and every person has its special gift(s) endowed on him/her by the creator and the only way people with disability could achieve those dreams is by concentrating not on the weaknesses, but on the things the disability does not prevent a person from doing. Disability is a matter of perception, when you focus on your weakness it then becomes part of you, but when you focus on your strength it becomes part of you too. What you do now determines what your future would look like. There are some physically challenged persons who have made remarkable achievements in their life, people like Christopher Reev, crippled after a horse riding injury is determined to help others through harnessing the power of medical research to enable him get up and ride again.

Another person is Helen Keller, first woman in the history of education to merit bachelor's degree in Arts. Even though she was blind despite her situation stood firm and pursue education which earned her to be one of the most celebrated authors in the history of USA. Helen Keller has proved wrong to those who think that only able bodied person can enroll in school and even earn masters degree.

Success is even more celebrated when perceived from special people who have been able to overcome the perceived challenges of life because many physically challenge persons have managed to scale above their disability and made huge success in their chosen fields.

The story of Demola Adeleke a young boy who lost his sight before he completed his secondary school did not diminish his dream to become useful to the society. Unlike many who suffer the same fate, Demola never stopped believing in his ability to achieve great things in life despite his visual impairment. He relived himself from the bondage of frustration that is associated with people with the same condition and made up his mind to pursue his dream so that he can be beneficial to humanity. He gained admission into the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN),and read Mass Communication, he was adjudged as one of the best in his class, with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 4.45 in his first year and other great things he acquired.

Demola's determination to turn predicament into blessing is a lesson to other physically challenged persons and able students. It's only a matter of commitment. Deciding whether to remain in that position or to achieve greatness, depend on the decision you take and the encouragement you get from the society.

The role of the society is to employ physically challenged persons who are determine to work, so that they can contribute their quota to the development of the society. The physically challenged persons should also be encouraged so that they can bring out their potentials which will promote cohesion in schools. Our overall cultural consciousness on how we treat and interact with physically challenged persons needs to be change, beginning from the elementary schools to institutions of higher learning.

Physically challenge persons should not be discriminated on whatever basis, equal treatment should be given to them to enable them feel a sense of belonging.

Many physically challenges persons have potentials deposited on them and there is need to give them chance for them to explore them. Government, philanthropists and non-governmental organizations should provide scholarship to physically challenge persons who have been excelling in both academic and sporting activities, so as to encourage them more.

Abraham Chung Chukwak
Department of Mass Communication
University of Maiduguri
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