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Harmattan: People should observe medical hygiene - Dr. Akande

Monday, April 09, 2018

/ by Adamawa Celebrities
By Sarah Sani Dawi

As the year goes by the weather changes with time. Residents of  Yola, the State capital and other towns are battling with Harmattan dust which is associated with some ailments.

Weather reports have it that the hot season will be slightly different as the heat is going to be more than the previous years.

Weather experts have advised people to engage in some practices for their well being like drinking more water to keep them hydrated, avoid alcoholic and other drinks, take cold baths before going to bed at night, monitor their blood pressure, eat a lot of fresh foods, fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Tunde Akande of the Yola Specialist Hospital in an interview with The Scope said the weather is not friendly because of the climate changes that occur adding the hot season can cause many diseases.
He said that such season causes diseases such as: heat stroke, dehydration, kidney stones, and increase the risk of skin cancer and sun burn among others.

Dr. Akande advice that people should avoid the use of black clothes, congested places, avoid sunlight, take enough water, so as to restore fluid lost through sweating, drinks that contain electorate.

Dr. Akande also said “the weather is very good for bacteria because they produce more and people now don't have enough water because most of the rivers and wells are dried up so they preserve water in their houses thereby causing mosquitoes and other bacteria to have suitable places for hatches”.

He advised people to use mosquito nets to counter mosquitoes bites that can cause malaria and other diseases and people should avoid sleeping in congested places to prevent the outbreak of meningitis.

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