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Tuesday, April 03, 2018

/ by Daily Post Africa
Like most daughters I always thought my father was a super hero. That he will make it through what ever. That he won’t fall sick or weak. That he will always be there when I need him. I was in denial about my dad’s aging.

Then I realized when we spoke on phone the tone in his voice was more subtle almost tired and low. That was when it finally hit me that my dad no longer had the strength I always thought he had.

At my Husband’s, my Father has always been the first thing on my mind when I wake up in the mornings and the last when I go to bed.

Away at my husband’s, I always missed home, and missing home always meant missing my dear beloved father.

When I am hurt, snugged up in tears, with no one to feel my pain or anyone to understand. Miles and miles away, my dear beloved father always inquired about my wellness. And wished away all the pains that may come my way.

When I miss home, I miss the days I would hear the monumental sound of his footsteps as he walked towards the compound where I listened and waited in excitement for his executive entrance as I behaved myself out of respect for his presence.

Oh how he sweetened my heart and gave me the goosebumps. When I miss home, missing home meant missing him.

The very Saturday I touched down yola, went straight to the hospital where he layed in Coma. On seeing him in such condition, I almost past out. And when I held his fragile hand and spoke to him. On hearing my voice, He immediately moved and took a deep breath. As if he wanted to say something but couldn’t. He knew I was there..

The tenebrosity of the same very Saturday I lost my father has made everything beautiful unsightly. The air became toxic, my vision blurry and the atmosphere suddenly became darker.

The only person that loved me the most, my protector, my begetter is no more. On that same night we all sat around your lifeless body, you looked so handsome it felt like you were only sleeping.

I have waterfalls of questions running through my head. Questions like how did Baba got from bad to worst at the hospital? Why the plans to move him abroad for treatment was delayed? But everything happened according to Allah’s wish. It was his time, God chose him to be with him. As a Muslim it’s exactly how I should think. Asking questions like these will only mean that I’ve lost faith in God himself.

Being in my dad’s presence had always been special to me. His memories I will hold on to and cherish forever. I would always cherish the quality times we had together. Times when he drove me down to go write my common entrance exams, made sure I had all my writing materials, gave me a cheer and wished me luck. I still remember days I was Sick with measles, he took care of me and watched over me through the nights. My father gave up all political appointments so he would stay home and raise his children. He loved his children with every inched of his being. My father is fathomless.

Dear father, if I could trade my world for just one wish, it would be to go back to the days I was growing up. To the days when you would drive us round town for ice cream treats. days you would sit on your white plastic chair out in the front yard as we board the school bus to school. To the days we all ran around your knees.

I would go back to the days I ran and jumped and played within the compound while you watched up from the balcony as I melted your heart.

Days you would request us your kids to unite as one. And you would say to us ‘ I am your unifying factor ‘.

My father gave us the best. We basically grew up within the compound under his watch. He protected us from the outside world. I remember how we always wondered why we were never free to go out like most of our friends at school. We never went to birthday parties or trips to markets. We had everything we ever wanted delivered home. We had our little parties right within our large compound. Home was our little world. As a kid I always wondered why I was being raised differently but as I grew older I got to understand that my dear beloved father only made sure we got protected from the wicked world. And for that We are very very great full.

Dear beloved father, that i remind me of you is the greatest gift of life. nothing is as sincere as my love for you. I may never live up to your standards but one thing is for sure, I will always cherish and put in practice all the priceless lessons you’ve given me. You were and will always be my hero, my Superman my first love. I will miss your special smile, your special voice your special presence. Alhamdulillah you led a good life and had a peaceful ending. I love you so very much. 

Rest In perfect Peace Baba.

 By: Lubna Saleh Michika

L'Mari S. Michika

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