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Why cancer evokes fear in patients

Thursday, March 08, 2018

/ by Adamawa Celebrities
The human system is designed in such a way that it responds to stimulus which will be sent to the brain and will be received by the whole body in one way or the other.

Fear as become part of the lives of people, that when someone is being diagnosed with a certain disease, that patient starts to respond to the sickness being diagnosed of.  

Cancer has been the order of day be it breast cancer or any type of cancer most patients being diagnosed with cancer usually think it is the end of their lives because of the orientation being given to them about cancer.  For instance; there was a case, where a hospital misdiagnosed a patient with cancer while in real sense, that patient was perfectly OK, the patient started feeling sick just after being diagnosed   By hearing the word “Cancer” we usually get paranoid perhaps not just because of its creeping nature, but because of its connotes doom.

In some part of the world, the number one killer disease is ischemic heart disease which causes lower respiratory infections, and this is as a result of what they eat and their sedentary life style.

Nevertheless, cancer is second to none, it has become a wanton disease that perhaps it is not proper to start comparing it to other diseases.

Because of the weight attributed to cancer, death from heart disease is being reduced or delayed with diet, exercise and drugs which help control blood pressure and cholesterol due to lower concentration of the disease.

As people become old their cells gather more potentially cancerous mutations.  Cancers are thought to be caused by infectious agents.  Improved refrigeration and public sanitation have significantly reduced stomach cancer, which is linked to helicobacterplori bacteria.

There is no cause for alarm by the patients of cancer because more progress is made in sciences.  New immune system therapies that bolster the body's own defence have shown promise for certain cancers.  There are Nano Robots which repair and reverse cellular damage, and there is also genomic scans that can tell a cancer's precise genetic signature.

Because of the recent positive development, Ovarian and breast cancers can be prevented in many patients, and patients in less developed countries were adviced by Theodore Ross, on oncologist to focus less on high tech future of genetic testing and more on the low tech history of their family trees.

Gift Abubakar
Mass Communication
Federal Polytechnic, Mubi

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