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Juliet Walkiya Wyom; The Makeup Artist Turned Model

Friday, March 16, 2018

The beauty industry could be thought to carter for just the glamorous, or maybe the vain, or perhaps only those in the spotlight. Furthermore, it does - alongside every other person! The industry is based on the item and services that assist us look awesome - whatever that best might be.

It's more differing than you might suspect and it's surely not only the cosmetics, hair shading and aroma - it's additionally the antiperspirant, toothpaste and even the ear hair scissors. It's not only the salons - it's the hair parlors, waxing establishments, rub establishments and a ton more.

This has extended to even to the photo studios, breaking silence of unappreciative self and feeling the courage to see how beautiful one is after wearing makeup, beautiful African fabrics and cultural ornaments.

Today we decided to look into something different; sharing the beauty of mother nature through this priceless work of art Juliet Walkiya Wyom as she shares photos of her creativity turned occupation.

Read below:
My name is Juliet Walkiya Wyom. I am from Kaduna state. A graduate of Banking and Finance from the University of Abuja. I came to Adamawa state as a Corp member where I discovered another perspective of beauty and lifestyle.

I am a makeup artist and a model. I own the brand known as Jaybissmakeover which fully came into existence in 2016,and is fast reaching a unique standard as a result of hard work and flair for art and beauty.

I see what I do not just as a craft but a hobby which is gradually becoming an empire of creativity.

See Photos:

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