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FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION: Bindow module attracts LG officials

Thursday, March 08, 2018

/ by Adamawa Celebrities
Governor Muhammed Umar Jibrilla
Governor Muhammed Umar Jibrilla of Adamawa State has been commended by people of all walks of life for his record-breaking of being the first Governor in Nigeria that initiated a policy to fighting corruption at the State level.

It was as a result of this amazing policy that the State recently played host to the 1st ever African Anti Corruption Champion, President Muhammadu Buhari, who was moved by the transformation agenda of the Bindow-led Administration.

The Adamawa State Governor has shown that fighting corruption at the State level would facilitate and make the fight easier at the Federal level, which has already recorded massive achievements in last 2 years.

Here in the State, the good news is that the move by the young Governor to tackle corruption at the State has triggered most of the LG Chairmen to take up the gullet at the Local Government level. If corruption would be fought in all levels of governance, one thing is certain; corruption will be reduced to the lowest level.

Determined to follow the footsteps of Governor Jibrilla who followed the footprints of President Buhari, the officials at the various LGAs who spoke to 3-Tier News said that they would fail in their responsibilities as well as losing the vision and mission of the Progressives if they hesitate to take the campaign to the grassroots.

According to them, the fight against corruption should not only be fought at the Federal and State levels, as LGAs are not free from such “inhuman” practices. They said that the policy of Governor Mhammed Umar Jibrilla and the visit by President Muhammadu Buhari has stimulated them to take such initiative to the local levels; hence to also fight the practices at the grassroots.

Playing host to 3-Tier News, the LG Council members at the various LGAs in the State stated that the manifesto of APC among others is to promote accountability and transparency, and so far, the President and the Adamawa State Governor have shown action to ensuring that the bad corruption image of the country in the global eye is changed with positive stories.

Speaking to 3-Tier News, the Vice Chairman of Guyuk LGA, Hon. Doctor Ganda Tabtab has described the Bindow corruption eradication policy as a welcome development in Adamawa State as the first. According to him, since the inception of the State which was governed by many hands, none of the previous leaders had thought it necessary to fight corruption because they were part and parcel of the corrupt system.

He stated that this policy is the first of its kind in the history of Adamawa State, adding that fighting corruption is one of the missions and visions of the Progressives family.

“I think it is not the question of whether we will join the fight against corruption at the local levels, that is what we really came with on our minds; to fight corruption in all levels of government. Seeing the decayed nature of the Local Government Administration, corruption practices have contributed a lot. That is why we have taken some steps in amending some sections of the Constitution to pave way to many reforms”.

According to Hon. Ganda, it would be more effective for the Government to take the fight closer to the people at the grassroots, adding that the Guyuk Council has been fighting corruption in its own way.

He stated that there are many ways to fight against corruption as the council revenued drive is been strengthen by introducing the use of computer in collecting taxes and revenue so as to minimize the chances of corrupt practices, adding that the LG workers have been trained on how to effectively use the computer systems.

In his words, “This government is one that has the interest of its people at heart, and you and I know that corruption is the worst menace that steals from the masses. President Muhammadu Buhari is committed to the fight against corruption. Here in the State, Governor Muhammed Umar Jibrilla is fighting it at the State level, and we are committed here to fight it at the local level”.

A cross section of LG staff in Gombi Local Government Secretariat who also spoke to 3-Tier News said that the fight against corruption initiated by the Adamawa State Governor, Senator Muhammed Umar Jibrilla would go a long way in strengthening the system at the State level, hoping that the Local Government Chairmen would see the need to implement the policy at the local level so as to strengthen the local government system as well.

In Hong Local Government Area, the various Local Government workers who spoke to 3-Tier News said that the Chairman (who was said to have travelled to Yola for official engagement) has been closely following the footprints of Governor Jibrilla aimed at implementing them at the local government level. They said that since the Chairman assumed office, he has been emphasizing on good governance, commitment to work and accountability.

They were cetain that the policy of the Governor for fighting corruption would soon be implemented in the local level by the Chairman who they said, believes in transparency. The Local Government staff attributed the underdevelopment at the Local Government level to corruption practices which little attention is given to them by the authorities concerned.

Mr. Hyellamada James said that the fight against corruption by the Buhari-led Government at the Federal level would stimulate any Governor with foresight and who has the interest of his people at heart to implement at the State level. According to him, Governor Jibrilla of Adamawa State has proven himself to be one of such Governors.

He said, “I don't know of other States, but I don't think there is a State that is lucky like Adamawa State. After constructing major roads in the State, he tackled the problems in the Education and Health sectors. Now he is taking a bold step by fighting which is a national problem' corruption. Well, from the look of things and how I have known our Chairman, fighting corruption is one of his policy. Even if he has not started, Governor Jibrilla has opened the floor”.

Some of the Councillors who spoke to 3-Tier News expressed readiness to support the Chairman in fighting corruption at the local level, adding that the inhabitants would witness speedy dividends of democracy if corrupt practices are fought right from the grassroots.

According to the Ward Political heads, they would always support the Chairman in any policy that is meant to foster development, and the fight against corruption is one of such policies.

One of the Councillors stated, “What cripples development in any level of government is corrupt practices. We will strongly support the Chairman to achieve any policy that will enhance the livelihood of the people. Fighting corruption is not an one-man affair. All hands must be on deck to fight this menace; from the Federal, State and the Local Government levels”.

In Jada and Mayo-Belwa LGAs, efforts by 3-Tier News to meet the Local Government Chairmen proved abortive as they were said to here travelled to Yola for official assignments. But a cross section of the Local Government workers have backed the Bindow policy for the fight against corrupt and have bought the idea if the Local Government Chairmen would emulate the policy and take it up at the local levels.
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