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Don't be uncomfortable in your dress

Thursday, March 15, 2018

/ by Adamawa Celebrities
REFLECTIONS with Isuwa Ishaku
When Victoria called on the proposed Saturday morning for us to attend my friend's wedding, I told her that I was in the office fulfilling my social responsibility. So she decided to come over in the afternoon, and off we threw ourselves to the Reception at the Mahmud Ribadu Square, Yola.

At the Reception I saw something that was disturbing. While I appreciated the fact that Victoria dressed decently that day, I saw a lady sitting at the Reception that was very uncomfortable.

The lady was wearing a mini-skirt black coloured suit as she sat on one of the white coloured plastic chairs. What actually caught my attention was how deep she was disturbed and uncomfortable, and when I observed very well, it was as a result of what she was wearing.

As she was sitting, she used her hand kerchief to cover her laps that were exposed. She carefully placed the handkerchief to cover in-between her legs so that people could not see through. Whatever she was doing, her attention was always on her legs.

Then there came her uncle who was passing by whom she had to greet How to greet him became a problem itself because she had to go down as courtesy would demand of her. As she went down to greet him, she suddenly backed him because she knew that he could see in-between her legs.

After the greetings which she did uncomfortably, another development occurred that she had to contented with; her handkerchief was nowhere to be found. Yes, the “hankie” got missing. Since my attention was on her, I saw what happened with the handkerchief. As she was greeting her uncle, it had fallen from her hand and the wind got away with it.

She looked everywhere for the handkerchief, it was nowhere to be found. She decided to return to her chair. Kai no, the sitting was not okay. She was very uncomfortable because her laps were bare and she had to find something to cover them.

Victoria, the lady that I went there with, didn't know what was happening. As she was carried away by the dance of the groom and bride, i was also carried away by the situation that surrounded the mini-skirt damsel.

The lady stood up, yes she was not comfortable with how she sat. After standing for a while, she sat back and crossed her legs. Even at that, her laps were exposed. She covered them with her hands; it was as good as they were not covered.

At this juncture, I felt she needed some help. If she had to enjoy the wedding reception; someone, somewhere and somehow had to come to her rescue. I politely told Victoria to go and give the lady my hand kerchief which she did without inquiring to know why.

Victoria went and gave her the “hankie”. She collected smilingly and immediately covered her laps. It was after she covered her laps that Victoria knew why I sent her.

Now this is my message for this week. Dear don't put on a dress that will make you uncomfortable. Often times, we dress to impress other people at the expenses of our comfort. We put on clothes to impress others.

Consider these questions whenever you're dressing up, will i be okay in it? Is the dress going to expose parts of my body consciously or unconsciously? What message am I passing to people out there? Mind you, your dress speaks volume of who you are.
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