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9 Foods You Need To Have Immediately To Increase Your Sex Drive

Thursday, March 29, 2018

/ by Daily Post Africa
Yes. You are here now. And you want to know how to get your bedroom action on point, right?

Don’t feel shy or ashamed by it; it is human nature. Sex is something almost everyone enjoys, and we are always on a quest to get as much pleasure as we can from this activity.

And one way to do that is to last longer during sex. To do that you will have to pay a little more attention to your diet.

What you put into your mouth, plays a big role in your performance in bed and that is why we painstakingly put together 9 foods that help you unleash your sexual power within.


Ginseng is an all-natural herbal supplement that does increase your libido. And so taking the natural supplement — ginseng will help you last longer in the bedroom.

To sound a note of warning, it is important to note that energy drinks that contain ginseng don’t work as well as the natural one.

So please do avoid such drinks.


This is a spice that is known for its high price, but then again, when it is used, you won’t complain about the price because it is worth it at the end.

To prepare this, you have to soak the spice in warm water, and then it can be addressed to a grain meal or some soup. Have some saffron and get charged.


By now, you know that ginger is used for different medicinal purposes including colds and stomach problems, but one of its medicinal benefits include high libido.


This has been used all over the world for many years to boost sex drive. And in addition to more bedroom action, it helps with bad breath.
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This salad is used as vegetables in meals, but its benefits go far beyond serving as fiber in meals. It contains an opiate that is well known to boost one’s libido. This vegetable makes you sensitive and thus makes sex more enjoyable.


The Vitamin C in broccoli aids in blood circulation which is an important function in arousing genitals. So it is important that you have your broccoli when having your meals.


Eggs are very healthy foods, they contain high amounts of protein and has a low-calorie count and therefore is an ideal source of protein for those who are watching their weight.

But that isn’t all the eggs provide; they contain L-arginine which helps to solve erectile dysfunction.


Blackberries are very nutrient dense fruits that help you to last longer in bed. By increasing stamina and endurance, they help your time in bed worthwhile.


Watermelon contains citrulline, which helps in sex. This happens when citrulline is broken down by the body into arginine which in turn, raises the nitric oxide levels of the body.

That spike in nitric oxide levels leads to high libido. The chemical reaction described above is what the sex-enhancing drug — Viagra triggers to get the body in the mood.

Now combine all the foods we have discussed in the article above with a healthy and balanced meal to optimize your sexual abilities and experience.

Wish you a happy, exciting and enjoyable sex life.

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