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6 Habits And Behaviors Girls Have That Annoys Most Guys

Thursday, March 29, 2018

/ by Daily Post Africa
Everybody knows that men are vastly different from women and not just physically. The differences between them are vast and touch practically every aspect of their lives. From the way each sex deals with emotions; to the way they think; to the way they see certain things, the differences between them are very distinct. These differences can form a bone of contention between them at certain times and over certain issues. For instance, there are some things that women consider to be the norm that men find rather irritating.

Read down to see a couple of these things that women do and men don’t like. Remember to let us know what you think about them. Here are the 6 things that girls enjoy doing but guys find irritating.

1. Taking and wearing their boyfriend’s clothes

One of the things a guy should have in his relationship starter pack is new clothes because he knows that one of the things he should expect from his girlfriend is a reduction in the number of clothes he has. This is because girls love to wear their boyfriend’s clothes and why won’t they when it is more comfortable, and girls love their comfort clothes. More to the point is that the clothes retain the lingering scent of their boyfriends Cologne so they can always have the comforting scent of their boyfriend at all times. Well, unfortunately, the guys don’t find this as endearing as women do. For them, all they care about is that they no longer have their favorite shirt and that they have to go shopping which is something they activity detest.

2. The silent treatment.

Let’s all face it, our hatred of the silent treatment started when our mothers used it as a means of punishment, and everyone knows it’s better to get shouted at or punished than have to suffer the silent treatment while wondering when the punishment would come. But girls seem to forget that when they give guys the silent treatment.

In their defense though, they give their men the silent treatment to spare them. Women are very emotional beings, and when they are mad, they can say a lot of hurtful things that they would later feel guilty about so to save themselves the guilt and their men the hurt, they prefer to give the silent treatment. Although this strategy comes from a good place, it still does not appeal to the menfolk because of the stress they go through wondering if they have done something unpardonable or would be getting the boot.

3. Crying

Crying is something that almost every girl is well acquainted with. Like I earlier said, women are emotional beings, and this means that not only do they feel things really deeply, they also have no problems with letting their emotions show too. This is why most times girls let open the gates of their tears when they watch a sweet or sad scene in a movie, watch a sad video or listen to a sad song.

Guys really don’t like it when a woman they care about is in tears not because they don’t want her showing her emotions but because it makes them feel sad and they want to slay dragons for her. They feel helpless in the face of a woman’s tears, and guys don’t like to feel that way at all.

4. Women do kiss and tell better than men

When the topic of kiss and tell comes up, it is usually against men who kiss and tell leaving out the real masters of kiss and tell, women. Women are really good at not only kissing but telling in details. Women share practically every detail of what transpired between her and her man with her girls and practically the world.

Cute little videos of themselves or posts about what their man did for them. Men don’t like all their business to be up on social media. They would prefer some things be kept private. They don’t like it when all the details of their quarrels become public knowledge for everybody who has an internet connection and a phone. They hate it when their women go online to rant about whatever happens in their relationship that they didn’t like. In the same vein, they also hate it when all of the cool times are also made public knowledge. They don’t want all their pictures and videos out there for everyone to see. They love their privacy a lot.

5. Discussing the EX

Most girls don’t see anything wrong with being good friends with their ex and letting their boyfriend know about it. Guys don’t like that because it feels like they don’t have as strong a footing in your heart and could be knocked out by someone who obviously knew you very well. They constantly feel jealous and an outsider at times whenever you all hang out. Also, girls like talking about their ex-boyfriend to their current boyfriends. Guys don’t want to hear about how much the last guy was doing for you, or the places he took you to, it makes them feel insecure. They don’t constantly want to see you discussing a trip you took with your ex-boyfriend. It makes them feel like you’re trying to indirectly tell that they are not doing as much for you or that you prefer your ex and would ditch them if he came knocking.

6. The green-eyed monster

Everyone has been ridden by the green-eyed monster, jealousy. It is natural to feel jealous once in a while especially when it’s over someone you have deep feelings for. But most guys don’t like it when their women feel jealous over them talking to other women especially when they love her and aren’t looking outside. It really irritates them when their women go ballistic over their unfounded jealousy. They feel like they entered a relationship with a psycho and if there’s anything that scares a guy most in a relationship, it’s getting involved with a woman with boundary problems who might end up stalking them and making their lives a living hell.

These 6 things discussed above are major things that a major percentage of the men don’t like and even genuinely go as far as to hate. Number 6 is a good example of the things that they hate. So, ladies should try to get their priorities straight and keep these 6 things to a minimum in their relationship. Don’t forget to let us know what you think of this article in the comment section below.

Source: You Cant Break Me
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