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20 drugs addicts convicted in Adamawa

Thursday, March 15, 2018

/ by Adamawa Celebrities

Twenty drug peddlers have been convicted in Adamawa State and ten others are undergoing rehabilitation at the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in Yola.

Speaking with our correspondent in an exclusive interview in his office, the Sate Commander of the NDLEA Mr. Yakubu Kibo disclosed that the Command is doing everything possible to stem down the rate of hard drug consumption in Adamawa State.

He said during raids recently in Mubi Local Government Area where they intercepted 1.316 tonnes of tramadol 225mg each in 183 cartons of indomie noodles. The baron happens to be a marketer of electronic who was arrested and has since been sentenced by the Federal High Court in Yola.

He further said that the consumption of drugs have led to increase of crime rate within the society because no form of crime is committed ordinary but under the influence of drugs.  He also said that fighting drugs is the first step to fighting insurgency and crime.

Mr. Yakubu said it is very unfortunate that women have also joined the trend and surprisingly, even married women are now involved.

He also lamented that poor output in offices and several government establishments is as a result of drugs intake.  He also said the intake of drugs can cause poor academic performances in school.

Mr. Yakubu Kibo said that efforts have been made through sensitization in schools and communities to curb drug intake.  “Drug free clubs have been established in six schools in the metropolis.  Also some schools and religious bodies have invited them over for sensitization inorder to protect the future of our nation he added.

He also said some of them take drugs sometimes because they function well sexually but this however render them unproductive in their places of work.  He further said more rehabilitation centres are needed in order to manage the addicts.  He said the facility and resources they have can only admit a maximum of 10 people at a time for a minimum of 3 months.

Mr. Kibo said they are faced with the challenges of manpower and also facilities which can enable them to function effectively.  He said that they have only two vehicles servicing the whole of the State.

He called on the people of the State to cooperate with their officers by reporting the hide outs of these hoodlums so that they can be raided.  He further adviced the public to shun drugs and also send petitions to them for collaborations and sensitizations. 

By Grace Killian Jethniel


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