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The Hurricane Called 2018

Friday, January 19, 2018

/ by Adamawa Celebrities
By Patrick Anyum

The year 2018 has come like a hurricane, who can stop it? In other climes, people may have been lucky to have leaderships that prepared them well enough to be able to drop unwanted baggages from 2017 ,a year also that made its unstoppable exit! 

In Nigeria, 99% of its poor population were forced to carry their baggages in the new year! While the composory ritual of its celebration called on everyone, truth was that this percentage of Nigerians were actually mourning and cursing hopelessly. 

As excess food were being thrown out in privileged homes of politicians and their business collaborators, greater hunger and fear of unknown were beconing and tormenting the future of these living hopeless. 

These living hopeless include, victims of Boko Haram, herdsmen militia, kidnappers, Armed robbers, victims of corruption in both public and civil service, and victims of punitive leadership! 

To these category of Nigerians, 2018 is another nightmare. While those in government and those favoured by it count their blessings, these victims count their misery wishing they were not born here.
Trillions of budget proposal is being debated at the federal level but it hardly concern them. Similarly, billions are being debated at the state level but where is their place in all these? Their level is dead! Call it local government if you like. 

This is the true picture of majority of Nigerians or do you have a different one for them? Well, maybe fiction I suppose!
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