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The Artiste Blogger Synergy Can't Work With Laziness And Deceptiveness

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

/ by Adamawa Celebrities
Regardless of whether you're signed, independent or simply beginning in the music business, it's essential for craftsmen to stay up with the latest with what's going in the business.

I have read so many articles, complaints and words of advice ranging from blogs to the social networks more especially popular Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. The fact is understanding artistry and the business side of it is distinctive, whereas the relationship between the two is absorbing in nature.

The reasons to why the relationship between bloggers and upcoming artiste gets soar every time is not far from the lack of understanding the professional fields embedded in the whole system called music. Some where born with music in them, some got caught up on the way, some learn the process and some borrowed the system.

Promotion isn’t as funny as playing music, I think we all can agree. It needs time which you could use to write songs and play music. It forces you to add a business side to the artistic one.

Music bloggers are businessmen, who probably ventured into the field of reviewing music or talents to earn a living or do it for leisure and likewise the music itself. So many singers and performers go into music business as a means of livelihood, while tones of them drive pleasure in just composing or singing songs for free and most times for self satisfaction.

Music marketing and distribution is about more than making something available; it’s about making an impact. Whether you’re about to release your first single or you have won more than 50 Grammy Awards. It helps people to find (and fall in love with) your music. The more listeners you reach, the more will know you, stream or buy your music and come to your concerts. 

Most bloggers and publicist are masters in this particular field marketing and distribution, and with their years of the blogging experiences and handwork, tends to convert all their follower-ship in a fund raising venture (encouraged by the recent lack of job opportunities in the country).

Most music blogs are not cost free in its design, but one has to purchase domain, hosting space, design the interface; mostly by coding experts and so on. For all these, you have to pay for all the services provided. After a year or two, you have to still renew the charges.

For every minute spend on the internet, their is a volume of data that one exhaust for one to have access to information, upload or download information. The blogger still have to be dealing with that, shaking his bank account. 

In order to be consistent with the practice, he/she have to devise a means of generating revenues to pay off dues. When not paid to publish contents like audios and videos, where would he/she be able to get enough space when the originally allocated space is full. And moreover the artiste is aware that they are doing the music to eat and drink from it.

An artiste can pay a music producer to record and get a mastered song ready  and yet expect publicist to distribute the song for free. That's a typical definition of "Nonsense".

To join the business is not by force, so instead of going faster than your shadow, why not take your time and gather enough resources in order to record good music, look for publicist and arrange for appearances from events to events.

It is advisable for up and coming artistes to hire experts (Bloggers, Marketers, OAPs etc) to help you with marketing. But this is costly and not really authentic.

Many experts recommend spending at least the same amount of time with promotion as you spend on creating and recording your songs. Or at least to strive for it.

A rushed project always ends up in its wack mood. the artiste himself can not feel the energy nor emotions attached to the song or songs in the project. Its one step at a time.

Promotion is vital to your recognition in the industry and there are so many sacrifices involved. 

All A-listed artiste globally have done their primary assignment of sacrificing time and resources for them to reach where they are today. When bloggers share their music for free, its never a one sided thing because the blogger generates traffic or better said viewers at his ends, while the artiste getting larger fan-base who would readily buy his songs and pay to see him in events.

What can an up and coming artiste offer to publicist in return for marketing him out?
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