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Unveiling The beauty Of Forgiveness

Monday, December 18, 2017

/ by Mykebou
Pastor Cosmos Ikwe

By Fenny fwa

As usual our Resident pastor Cosmos Ikwe was in his best element when he preached today on topic titled “unveiling the beauty of forgiveness.” He read Matt 18: 31-35, Philippians 4: 1-4 and Matt 18: 21-30. He summarized the whole sermon in this philosophical statement. “ Forgiveness is the beauty of Christianity. Any unforgiving Christians is spiritually ugly.”He said failure to forgive leads to bitterness, sickness. It stiffness growth and progress and finally it takes one to eternal death ie being programmed to hell fire.

The most important illustration of his sermon is the research conducted by an American cancer centre. The Director of the centre Dr Stephen Stanford stated that it has been empirically proven that refusing to forgive make people sick and that some people that are afflicted with such sickness as depression, hypertension, heart disease and diabetes are found to be unforgiving.

Dr Stanford went further to validate that 61% of cancer patients were found to harbour un forgiveness and that after treatment they were subjected to forgiveness therapy.

All along the crisis that has bedeviled our land has been grounded in the holy book. This informed by posts always emphasizing the need for peaceful coexistence . Some people look at such position as very cowardly and compromising. My saviour has placed premium in forgiveness that even a robber that was crucified with him showed some remorse and he instantly forgave him. “Truly I tell today you will be with me in paradise.”( 23: 43). He clearly demonstrated vengeance is his not anybody’s when he replaced the ear of one of the soldiers that were assigned to arrest him as he admonished his disciple that cut of the ear and said vengeance is his and not anybody’s.

What brought about the civil war that took away 2m lives was it not Un forgiveness?The coup that resulted to the death of Sir Ahmadu Bello and sir Abubakar Tafawa and some officers of Northern extraction was interpreted by Northerners as a deliberate act to eliminate their leaders. Consequently they refused to forgive and targeted the killing of Igbos, especially in North. This led to the civil war. Most wars and violence all over world could be attributed to un forgiveness.

I urge all of us this Sunday to work hard to release the unforgiving spirit that that has contributed largely to our underdevelopment. If you are the offended you must cultivate the spirit of forgiveness and offender must seek for forgiveness. Please don’t misinterpret my call for peace as abandoning your people to me eliminated, no. You must defend your land, people, property with the last blood in your veins, but thereafter in order to live peacefully, obtain Favour from your creator and make heaven, you must learn to forgive no matter how painful.
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