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Tension in Adamawa town as six mobile police officers ‘killed’

Othman Abubakar, Numan, Numan, Miyetti Allah, Mafindi Umaru Danburam, Killings

Saturday, December 02, 2017

/ by Mykebou
There is tension in Adamawa town of Numan with numerous occupants escaping the territory after no less than six portable cops were purportedly murdered by a few inhabitants.

Security sources and occupants told newsmen the officers were slaughtered while attempting to make captures at a prevalent Fulani settlement.

Points of interest of the assault are not yet clear, but rather sources said the late-night killings happened as police endeavored to capture a few pioneers in Dowaya.

Police representative, Othman Abubakar, an superintendent of police, said he had heard there was issue in Numan yet couldn't promptly give points of interest.

Mr. Abubakar said he was at a “crucial meeting” with the state Commissioner of Information and other relevant officials.

In a chat with PREMIUM TIMES, the North-East Chairman of Miyetti Allah, Mafindi Umaru Danburam, said  he had received report that there was problem in Numan “when some people in uniform attacked those that were taking refuge at Dowaya”.

He said two individuals were shot and that he was endeavoring to get further points of interest.

Many primarily Fulani inhabitants, including and youngsters, were murdered in Numan over seven days prior by a nearby volunteer army.

One source said police had been tipped off about a social affair of Fulani inhabitants, and were endeavoring to storm the zone.

Another source said those at the social event were only "grieving" their killed spouses and youngsters when police raged the zone.The “mourners” had relocated from Shafaran, Shawal, Gumara, Kikam and Kadamt, he said.
“Some residents in the area were not comfortable, so they tipped-off and mobile police launched a night operation to arrest the Fulanis and a fightensued during which at least six mobile police were said to have been killed.

“As I am talking to you more security operatives were deployed to Dowaya area including soldiers and they have cordoned-off the village.

‘’There is pandemonium right now in Numan and environs; already residents are fleeing for fear of reprisals,’’ said a vigilante member who asked not to be named.

Modibbo Ahmadu, a Fulani fleeing the area, in a phone chat stated that 
‘’You know some of our brothers who were displaced are now taking refuge at Dowaya village , where they do observe the usual 40 days mourning for those killed by Bachama militias.
‘’Just last night we got distress call that some people in security uniform stormed on them and had shot two youths, so definitely in this kind of situation anything could happen.
‘’And that’s the situation for now, even we at the neighbouring villages are not safe, and many had fled,’’ he said.
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