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Police IG and Chief of Army staff executing Buhari's Islamic Agenda - YOWICAN president

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

/ by Adamawa Celebrities
The National President of Youth Wing of Christian Association of Nigeria (YOWICAN) Engr. Daniel Kadzai, has accused the police inspector general Mr. Ibrahim Idris, the chief of army staff Major- General Tukur Burutai and other service chiefs of aiding president Muhammadu Buhar, to carried out Islamic agenda in the country.

In a communique issued at the end of two days meeting of the north east sub officials of the group in Yola, Kadzai, stated that the selective operations of the inspector general of police   and the chief of army staff called for concern considering the religious dimensions their activities is taking.

" When the kinsmen ( Fulani herdsmen) of inspector general of police kills over 200 people in Agatu local government in Benue state, Idris did not visit or deployed police, when over 100 were people killed in Wukari in Taraba by Fulani herdsmen,Idris did not visit, when over 90 people were killed in Kodomun in Demsa local government, DPO was brutally murdered by Fulani herdsmen in Girei same Adamawa state, Idris did not visit. But when 18 Fulani were killed in a communal clashed with farmers in Sarduana local government in Taraba state Idris visited and deployed 2000 police to the area. When  farmers clashed with Fulani herdsmen in Numan local government and about 30 people were killed Idris visited and deployed 800 policemen.

Kadzai said that if as matter of emergency,the  National Assembly fail to curtailed the selective operations of the security chiefs under Buhari's governmen, the country will be sitting on a time bomb, pointing out that since the activities of Idris and Buratai have taking religious angle they should be relief of their appointments with immediate effect to save the country from future crisis.

" We raised alarm on the dangers of President Mohammadu Buhari's lopsided appointments. It is now clear to Nigerians why Buhari appointed his Muslim brothers to occupy all the sensitive security agencies. Inspector general of police Muslim , chief of Army staff Muslim, Director General DSS Muslim, chief of Airforce Muslim, EFCC Muslim. The recent killing of over 88 people burning of churches in Dong town in Demsa local government by Airforce Alfa jet which is meant for war is a confirmation of Buhari's Islamic agenda," he stated.

He said that in 2016 September 13, the sultan of Sokoto Saad Abubakar lll told the world that the killer Fulani herdsmen are foreigners, " If it is true they are foreigners what is the Comptroller General of Immigration doing to arrest and deport them"? , he ask.

Kadzai maintained that the IPOB were not killing, but the chief of army staff was swift to deployed soldiers to South East with operation Python dance, operation crocodile smile in South South and Southwest. The chief of army staff should introduced operation lion dance in the north to deal with the killer Fulani herdsmen if his activities are not based on religious angle.

"Buhari's corruption fight is not genuine,his actions are very clear that he is fighting a religious war using government instruments. When senator Misau level undisputed allegations of corruption  against the inspector general of police,federal government took the senator to court, GMD NNPC Baru was accused of stealing running into Billions of Dollars,they've swept it under the carpet. how can the same government claim it is waging war against corruption?. "

"November21st 2016,Buhari's chief of army staff told the world that Boko Haram has been defeated the same government last week released N370 billion Naira ($1billion) dollars for fight against Boko Haram, we all know that Buratai was lying to Nigerians, but the truth is now out , so it is true that this government is founded on lies and corruption," he said with tears.

Kadzai said that the Christians in Nigeria will continue to exposed the evil agenda of the present government to annihilate the Christians using government institutions like the police and other securities to execute the agenda .

He called on all Christians and other peace loving  Muslims in the country to come together and reject the ongoing activities of the present administration to run Nigeria on religious line, noting that it will not do any good to the country.

Source: Dan Kwadas Blog
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