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Sunday, December 03, 2017

/ by Mykebou
Oh God we have seen enough of what you said will be the end times. Just today people that profess to be of the same faith blew human lives like that of chickens in a mosque in Mubi. In some villages in Numan, there was gruesome murder of fulani men, children and women in what appears as reprisals attacks.

Life is now worthless. If it is said that Africans are barbaric what of the killings of large number of people in some states In America for no just cause. Within sixteen months, America that claims to be God’S own country had recorded the killing of 49 people in Orlando and 59 in Las Vegas. The world is on fire.

What of moral values. Recently a mother in Zimbabwe enticed her son to impregnate her and are now happily married as husband and wife.Homosexuality that you destroyed sodom and Gomorrah for have been legalized as men are marrying each other, ditto for women. These are happening in most states in Europe and America where Christianity came from. In Middle East where Islam originated, these countries have been perpetrating violence both within and abroad. Your religion is now being used to manipulate, exploit, dehumanize and kill people.

What of natural disasters? America and Europe despite their technology couldn’t prevent perennial flooding, climate change that has contributed to all these disasters.

Please God we have seen enough. Anything more than this is beyond us. Kindly wind up the universe and let us face your wrath for our sins. To be tormented and brutalized here by our fellow human beings and thereafter face your judgement will too much for us to contain.
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