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Peep Into College of Health Technology, Michika

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

/ by Adamawa Celebrities

Building strong institution and strong personalities is key to the country’s breakthrough. This is what is happening presently at College of Health Technology Michika based in Mubi. The Provost of the College does not see strong personality as enough. Allen Waziri gives us insight.

 In  moments of sober reflection, we can brave the odds tell ourselves some profound truth. In this reflection that I have decided to write about my three hour peep in the college of technology, Michika and I want my teeming readers to note that it is not a praise chant or one of those sycophantic review but rather a frank attempt to help paint true picture of events in the college as well as also to herald the laudable achievements of the interim Provost of College of Health Technology, Michika a man who has proven beyond reasonable doubt the fact that achievements or success is not associated with  height or complexion. 

In a chat with the provost of the college of health technology, Michika, Mr. Nuhu I. Musa the Don takes a graphic view of the condition of health Education and general face lift giving to government Hospitals in the state by the incumbent administration under the leadership of His Excellency Governor Umar Jubrilla Bindow and declared, things have tremendously improved. In the same vein, he observed that not only the aforementioned sector that was accorded appropriate priority  but almost all the other sectors namely security, youth and women empowerment, agriculture, Road constructions among others. In this chat with Mr. Nuhu I. Musa he applauded those shouldered with the responsibilities to help revamp all the stated sectors  from decay to a living one for the benefit of all and sundry irrespective of religion nor ethic inclinations. The provost also stressed that he is optimistic education and health if not all will be a leading metaphor among the comity of other advanced nations. His articulation and positive observation on the great of the sectors especially health and education centered on the ongoing federal government reform across the country coupled with the declaration of the state of emergency by the governor Bindow Umaru Jubrilla on both the health and education sectors early this year and the targeted vision 2020 by which time hopefully disease, illiteracy and hunger  and shortage of power will all be eradicated "so far everybody who is sincere with himself will testify that the incumbent administration has given proper attention to this sectors because a lot of incentives have been poured on the 'sectors and believe me with the federal government ongoing reforms in all sectors couple with the said declaration of a state of emergency in these sectors by Governor Bindow Umaru Jibrilla very soon 

God's willing all the bottle necks that had hitherto been thorns in some of this sectors will surely be addressed". The provost was quoted as stating. 

Barely a year in office Mr. Nuhu I. Musa was able to raise fund that sustained the memorable matriculation ceremony of newly" admitted students into the college after nearly over two (2) decades of deadness. In fact, the well-attended event brought the college to a limelight and it was one of the most happiest days in the minds of all the students and their guardians because it was an opportunity accorded to them to meet, interact and dine together. With this feat, one can loudly say that the provost has opened a new chapter in the governance of the college. The provost had during the historic matriculation never left the newly admitted students without much comments as he congratulated them and also charged them to be worthy ambassadors of the institution reassuring them that they have been admitted based on 'Competence. The provost had in his maiden matriculation address highlighted some of his achievement since he assuming office in May 2015 to includes; introduction 'of new programmes, construction of new offices, procurement of infrastructural learning facilities, procurement of laboratory facilities, accreditation of some courses i.e, health information and management heath education, pharmacy technician, Dental health technician etc., and with all this the provost have indicated his readiness and determination to continue to work harder towards the overall growth of the college just as he attributed his overall success to the support and cooperation he has been receiving from the mother ministry that is the ministry of health under the able leadership of Dr. Fatima Atiku Abubakar, stressing that the appointment of the commissioner has been applauded by all and sundry and that there couldn't have been  no better choice than her appointment as a commissioner which can best be described as a round peg in a round hole "Being a well groomed professional  and a leader who means well for the educational growth the provost had within two and half years in office succeeded in transforming the college to a greater height very far from where he met it on assumption of office" stated the student affairs officer of the college Mohammed Adamu Chubado. 

The provost also commended the foresight of Gov. Bindow Jibrilla and his Deputy Hon. Martins Nasir Babale for embarking "on laudable and meaningful projects in the state which all according to him are having direct bearing on the lives of the peace and law abiding people of the state. He further noted that inspite of the global economic recession which has affected the country yet the incumbent administration has faired very well. 

"The provost is more a father than a boss because he has truly united the house which he met very scattered and that's why his own feat is being recognize from far and near" a senior lecturer who craved for anonymity narrated to this writer and this clearly shows that the provost silent revolution in the college has revitalized all the hitherto moribund departments. 

A peep into the college revealed that the provost’s determination couple with his intellectual sagacity has rubbed off on the transformed institution and this according to the provost is one of the series of promises he made to both the staff and students of the college. The college as 1t is today is 42years on establishment which sits on a very large expense of land with state of the art facilities, structures laboratories for practicals, modern teaching and learning equipments, well trained staffs whom all were tirelessly and patriotically impacting knowledge to the teeming and well behave students who come from different parts of the country. Further findings reveal that' vices like cultism, truancy, examination malpractice and harassment of students by lecturers' are alien in the college. To this, the provost responded "all the social vices are alien in this college, here is a global village, we all live in peace and harmony among ourselves, student and the college community co-exit peacefully with one another and note that this is an old institution which attracts the attention of people from far and near to either come and work or to study. What I saw with myself in the cause of gathering this piece brings to fore all what the provost has emphasized upon as lecturers, non- lecturers and student can be seen mixing freely in harmony while others can be seen receiving lectures in classes, on the secrete of his success in transforming the college  this was his responds ;"Yes, I have been in this academic environment for more than two decades both as a student, lecturer and now as a provost and all that is expected of me is to lead by example and contribute my own quote towards the overall growth of the college because-at the end of the day I will not going to be asked 'of how long or short I have stayed but rather of what I have accomplished or achieved" 

During the course of interacting with him, the provost expressed his gratitude to his Excellency the chief servant of the state senator Jibirilla Bindow for transforming the state very far from where he met it and secondly of his own assistance to the college over time urging him to sustain the tempo just as he enjoined the students of the college to always concentrate on their studies and live above board as they are well noted. He also gave kudos to the entire staff of the college thanking them for-the support and cooperation they have been given to him since he became the provost of the college barely two (2) years ago, appealing to them to help maintain that age-long spirit of brotherhood. The provost finally urged parents and guardians to always monitor the moral attitudes and conduct of their wards both-while on campus and when on holidays. It could be recalled that then northeastern state established school of health technology, Mubi, on 1st April, 1975. The school was then called Medical Auxiliary School, where forty (40) students were first admitted with ten (10) each from defunct Borno, Bauchi, Gongola and Sardauna Province respectively. They were being train as community health aide. The name of the school was changed to school of health technology in the year 1981, and this was in line with a directives from the federal ministry of Health asking each state to established Care school of health technology to train health workers who will provide health care services in rural areas and all these development was as a result of change in policies of the world health organization from curative to preventive medicine. And the past administration of Murtala Hammanyero Nyako change the name of the school from school of health technology to college of health technology.

Allen G. Waziri
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