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PDP Demsa: Still a drag game, Grace Bent to the rescue

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

/ by Adamawa Celebrities
A few months ago, I had cause to examine the Supreme court ruling that gave judgment in favour of the Ahmed Makarfi led National Caretaker Committee thereby edging out the Sheriff led faction of the Party. My concern at the time was that there was still much to be done to bring back all members of the two factions together. At least this concern still holds positive given the unfolding events in the party as evidenced by the results of the recent congresses and the retinue of complaints from other states and Adamawa in particular.

For a political party that once held sway for 16 years as the ruling party but only to be pushed out of power ignominiously, that no doubt calls for questioning. Many factors were responsible for this. They do not warrant listing as most Nigerians already know. Hence, it was expected that this defeat would have been enough a lesson for the party and its leaders. Regrettably, this is not the case. At least recent events have proved that the Party hasn't learnt or forgotten anything.

The story of PDP in Demsa in particular has always been a pathetic one. It has always been a drag game between many political juggernauts whose style of politicking was that of sheer acrimony. In this fallout, one of them had always attached to himself a special toga of the 'mover and shaker' of Demsa politics.

In fact, Demsa, as he once said was his cap which he could wear and remove it at any time he wishes. It simply means that as far as its politics and decision making was concerned, he was the one in charge. Hence, for quite a long time, he demonstrated this by forcefully occupying an avalanche of political space more than he reasonably needed.

Under his nose the electorate never ever enjoyed or experienced the exercise of freedom of voting to elect their leaders. Everything was mostly dictated by him because his people (Chiefdom) assisted him in oppressing them by always allowing their decisions to be influenced by the bait called money. He was able to do this not just because of the instrumentality of the said money but also government influence because he always craftily found his way in most successive governments. He had no sympathy or consideration for other players of the game except his stooges and those who were ready to accept his supremacy and lick his political boots.

Today the entire story has changed. Thanks to the triumphant re-entry of Distinguished Senator Grace Folashade Jackson Bent. Indeed, Senator Bent's rare gut as a politician has never been in doubt. She had been a major player who having clearly read the entire situation and the deficiency of other major players, decided to use her sledge hammer on them. She knew the intrigues and being highly conversant with the entire political space, quickly utilized its maximum benefit to her advantage. In politics, when you watch the game, others would play it. That exactly, was what happened during the local government congresses in Demsa and other areas in the southern senatorial zone of the state.

Interestingly, the senator had been her victims' familiar friend in the gang up game against new entrants into politics in Demsa especially those who seemed to pose potential threat to them. It was their conspiracy that produced today's PDP governors in the state who demonstrated his cluelessness in the entire saga.

They are all species of the same kind. It is just that the others were caught unawares watching the game while the fierce and unstoppable senator took up the game and played it fast in the way they had done in the past. So what is wrong with that? Afterall, PDP internal elections have always been the boardroom decisions of its owners. Now what a time for reckoning! So these political kings also cry! This is incredible. It is good to beat one at his game.

The string pulled by Senator Bent is a nemesis reaching for the jugular of the once acclaimed strongman of Demsa politics to uproot him. Bravo to Distinguished Senator Bent. She will sure have the support of many people who would line up behind her. Afterall, it is the same PDP. The party never changes. Impunity is its other name. Court or no court, Bent will have it. The rare courage exhibited by the Senator sufficiently demonstrates the latent greatness that lies in women. It is ingenuity of another kind. Therefore this sweet story of the grand take-over of the entire space and processes by the Senator is quite re-assuring especially for the victims of the past heinous manipulations and injustice meted to them by these same group now crying for justice. Truly, the evils have now come to live with people.

Absolom Soennah Dilli
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