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Opinion: Suspected Herdsmen Attack Bilachi, Bwatiye Settlement In Adamawa

Friday, December 22, 2017

/ by Adamawa Celebrities
The News goes endless without any cogent or pragmatic action by our assume leaders to address this recurring crisis. Thousands have been killed & more have been expelled from their homes, and this administration does not appear willing to initiate any forceful action against them. Amidst all these, all they could do to provide a permanent solution to these restiveness is to shameless ask us to donate pieces of land from states in order to provide the rampaging herdsmen they tagged as #FOREIGNERS with permanent feeding ground. 

And one begins to wonder; If ceding our land to "foreigners" the only solution to stop these gangsterism. Is it the only means we can achieve a peaceful coexistence? 

As a leader you co-create your reality. You are the driving force behind much of your leadership direction, events and challenges. You create most of your own struggles. All of this simply boils down to you learning something from the continued problems you face. Tackling this crisis within days could be achieve when the leader is sincerely eager to put a stop to this seemingly endless destruction.

That's what happen when a leader is wearing blinders or earmuffs. Sadly, it's the consequences of the leaders action when he chose to watch Groundhog Day too many times.

That's how problem appreciates when a leader lacks common basics understanding of problem, empathy and compassion. These are all signs of cluelessness and leadership failure at it peak.  

Thats what happen, when a leader refuse to take pragmatic and decisive actions to tackle old problems. It will definitely embolden the perpetrators of this heinous act to strive ferociously.  

By ~ Luwa D D Michika
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