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Adamawa: The Most Difficult Set Of Political Animals

Governor Bindow, Nyako, Bindow Abdulrahman Njidda

Saturday, December 02, 2017

/ by Mykebou
To all political scientists, we are all political animals because we always live in a political arrangement. But in Adamawa State, we are different set of political animals who should be made a subject matter of study or a case study for the whole nation.

All political activity in our state affect the whole nation. No government is formed in Nigeria without the people of Adamawa playing a major role as stakeholders.

But really, our attitudes to our Governors since 1999 is alarming and can beat the imagination of every political scientist. No government ever satisfies the people of Adamawa state and this trend is killing us. It negates the much needed unity we always yearn for.

 If some body is sick, catches cold and/or die, it is Governor Bindow that is responsible. No one seems to acknowledge the fact that the Governor has reduced the months that the state Govt is owing salary. Some will tell you 9 months, some will say 6 months and some say 5/months while in reality it is far less than this.

This is the plight of our leaders in the state. Boni is bad and after him comes another Governor and Boni is then preferred. Nyako, in spite of his human development programmes and perfect management of security in the state, was maligned, disparaged and vilified by the people and his worth and efforts is only acknowledged after he was far gone and probably forever.

 Now, we are better off with Baba Mai Mangoro's regime, they said; and the list continues until one day, they will cry to the high heavens , begging for Gov Bindow to come rescue them. Who knows, by then he might be far gone and may be for good, away from our troubles.

 Why not stop the blame game and work to cooperate with our leaders through offering meaningful advice and constructive criticism?
Abdulrahman Njidda Esq. Principal Partner,
Njidda & Co.(Barristers & Solicitors)
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