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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

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Food is an essential element that living body needs and it is what we as humans and even plants and other animals can’t do without, because it nourishes our body, soul and spirit. It also keeps us healthy and sound.

Exemplary Nigerian nourishment, simply the way grandmothers made them. Enable us to safeguard the legitimacy of Nigerian suppers, no westernization, no photoshops, no pimping a.k.a over-introduction

Nigerian nourishment is basic to Nigerian culture. It characterizes the Nigerian individuals. This is the reason wherever we get ourselves; we are prepared to eat our nourishment day by day without being exhausted one piece.

We like to eat Nigerian nourishment in any nation we end up in. This is on the grounds that we never feel satisfied on the off chance that we don't eat remedy Nigerian nourishment from country. The supposed Oyibo sustenance isn't fulfilling for a normal Nigerianperson!

In Nigeria, eating out is ending up more typical nowadays however ordinarily individuals eat at home. This is the reason it is fundamental that we as a whole know how to cook these dinners, particularly the female society. Furthermore, with Nigerian men progressively getting nearer to the kitchen, cooking Nigerian sustenance is currently for all.

In Africa, it is believed that women are responsible for housekeeping; tiding up and cooking food materials to satisfy the body needs. Therefore to keep the cooking spirit alive they must ensure they do these:-
  1. Mothers should teach their daughters how to cook - It is the duty of every mother to ensure that their daughter knows how to cook;mothers should force their children to learn how to cook our local dishes and even pound yam. Many ladies just know how to cook noodles which is not good because one day they would become wives.
  2. Wives should be able to keep the flame alive - By having time to cook at least three-square meals for their family. Food can truly be nourishing to the soul and putting a lot of effort into home cooking can really show someone how much you love them. Keeping a home fresh and existing can be challenging amidst the stress of daily life, now a day’s many women are workaholic that they don’t have time to cook for their family.
  3. Cooking tasty and healthy meals – when a woman cooks tasty and nourishing meals, it will be loved and appreciated by their spouse and these help them to eat at home and these will strengthen the homecooking tends and it will keep it alive. When a wife cooks a nourishing and tasty meal well the husband or children will find it difficult to eat outside their home.
  4. Avoiding frozen meal and cultivate the habit of having a Garden – fresh meals are healthy for the body and our skin. Avoid eaten pre-prepared meals or frozen meal inculcates the habit of eating fruit and vegetable which you easily get from your garden.
  5. Women should be innovative and cook varieties. Women should be able to be creative, learn new things and also cook variety meals which will be appetizing, tantalizing, yummy and delicious. Learn other ethnic group delicacies and cook it once every month for your family to enjoy. Teach another woman your own delicacy so she can also cook for her family to eat and enjoy. That way we all keep the Nigerian home cooking habit. Variety they say is the species of live.
  6. Educating people about the danger of fast food. People should know the dangers in eating fast food. Exposing the negative side of fast food, educating the people of the side effect fast food has on theirhealth. And encourage people to eat at home.
  7. Encourage eating together – Family should eat together, organize family dinner, get – together, picnics, love feast, it will help in strengthening home cooking.

In conclusion, it is encouraging that we all cultivate the habit of eating at home, that way you are sure of what you are eating and it is also a time for the family to sit together and socialize with one another. Women should spare time out of the busy schedule to cook for their family, it strengthens family ties.

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