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Tragedies are the most difficult times to write!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

/ by Adamawa Celebrities

By Patrick Anyom

The time we are in is a difficult time, a season of harvest of deaths.  My question is, death is feared by all men but who has planted this kind of death in Nigeria?  That person has not helped the nation because it is like his harvest doesn't end – it multiplies everyday and makes life a living hell.  But worst of all, for a moral Journalist. How can I be writing about death – death not natural – death despicable, death horrendous and tragic enough caused by the very hands of men who wouldn't want to die but chose to kill others!

Last two weeks I wrote about us, avoiding calling it peace yet in Nigeria. Today, I want to add that even life is not yet secured!  Though nobody is used to death but in places like Madagali and Mubi where insurgency has held swell before and are still showing up from time to time to announce their deadly presence, bomb attacks as abhorrent as they are unacceptable, appear to be explained away as pockets of dying Boko Haram refusing to die anyway.

Notwithstanding this consolatory mentality which has been forced down our throats by Government to explain away the diehard Boko Haram, it is note worthy to lament last week bomb blast in Mubi the resurging erstwhile boobling border town of the State with greater commercial potentials than even the State capital Yola.  The blast which was reported to have been carried out by two angels of death in a serene worship centre in the heart of the city disrupted the new humming atmosphere the city of commerce was painfully rearranging for her trade name.

At the last count twenty one (21) persons lost their lives while several others have been taken to various hospitals for medical attention. This was one ugly incident that momentarily halted the fledging peace of Mubi with its new face of burstling development.

Madagali and Gulak are no doubt in pains and do not know when they will finally say “we are free”.  No, not as long as the mystery of Sambisa killers remain unresolved by the military.

No one can precisely state why the war has become protracted.  Sambisa unlike Liberia where diamond deposits prolonged the war, it is not clear what “deposit factor” is in Sambisa to keep the war dragging unend.  But while it lasts, souls are being lost from both sides.  This is the miserable situation of the North East.

As if this is not enough, while we bemoan this terrorist onslaught on our people, we cannot condemn enough last week killings in two sleepy villages of Numan Local Government Area of the State.  The villagesofKikon and Shaforon, hardly heard outside Numan Federation shocked the world with its killings.  As usual report said, the only explanation available can only be traced to farmer/herdsmen palava.

What kind of society has Nigeria become where communities which had before the advent of this madness shared commonality but are now at daggers-drawn-men killing their fellow men for land surplus to accommodate some other smaller countries, for food which we are all working to eat together and for identities already well defined and settled.  What are Nigerians looking for that is worth the blood of fellow neighhours?

For a moral Journalist, every death at the hands of another fellow human is despicable.  In fact, no reason is worth killing another human being.  Perhaps we have allowed these killings to go on for too long that the world is thinking we are nihilists.

Nihilism is becoming our latest name because no one is spared by all shades of Nigerian killers, children, women, the aged and youths alike are put in one boat.  In our case there are no more laws governing conflict, we have reinvented the Stone Age in the 21st century when dead minds were hunters and every living thing was game either for food or for power or for fun. This reminds me of a film titled, “Hard Target”.  In the film, a bunch of rich rascals constituted themselves in to a killer mafia community, and their passion was to deceive crazy helpless youths in need of money to accept huge sums of money to be hunted by the mafia guys as game.  If you survive their smoky guns you have the money.  But no one ever survived except one!

My hope is that this community of killers in Nigeria will soon meet their waterloo.  Our crazy youths are being deceived today by who knows what.  With little stipends and mild provocation they arm themselves to the teeth, take the law into their hands mowing down fellow human beings in their tens and twenties.  This is regrettable and shameful too.

This “appraisal and reprisal” attack by herdsmen and farmers has spilled too much blood and to be fair the impact of Federal Government is not felt much on this matter.  In fact, these crises have made State Governors’ jobs very difficult for no fault of theirs. No State Governor would want to reign under crisis.  The crisis has become like a leaking roof under them, when they are blocking the leak this way it is opening up that way.

Look at the great work going on in Adamawa State and then the sudden intermittent horrific killings springing up here and there without notice. This is unfair to this gentleman.  We know him so because he is the only Governor who refused to even fight political wars which have characterized preceding administrations.  This shows only one thing that he is a man of peace. 

Let us give this man a breathing space to help the State.  These shameless killings can never resolve issues!

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