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TIPS: Dear Artist just because it's Monday I decided to type rubbish

Monday, November 27, 2017

/ by Mykebou

By: Mazi Kaycee Ichie Oguejiofor

A few years ago when I was still working at Questionmark, my Oga asked, what we needed to do to monetize our artist at the time who just released his debut album, and I told him, it was time we get external help, me as the manager at the time, have done the best I can, we need to engage the services of somebody more experienced to cut the long journey short, we had a meeting with egbon Odusami Adebayo (Howie T). We never got to work with him eventually...

But what I am trying to explain is simple, as a manager, know your ability and as an artist understand that not every manager regardless of how close you are can take you to the promise land, I don't mean discard him, but know when to get someone to compliment his shortcomings.

We often misunderstand the duties and types of manager an artist can have. Each person has a different set of duties and goals. But the artist manager is one whose duty it is to facilitate the dreams, goals and aspirations of an artist.

It simply means the artist has a vision of where he wants to be. The duty of the manager is to help ensure the vision of the artist is achieved. That in its own is proper work, I mean it actually means the artist has given you his/her life, it means the artist has delegated to you the power to take decisions that will drive the vision.

While it is a blessing when you find a manager who can aid you through development, and act as a business manager at the same time, some people do not possess that ability. While some people can be business and artist managers they maybe bad road managers, a road manager simply put, is the logistics guy.

An artist can have as many managers as possible as long each person understands his or her duty(ies)
But the most important manager is the "artist" manager, the person is closer to the artist after family. The artist managers decisions can make or mar an artist. This is the primary reason why it pains me when people see artist management as a dumping ground for people who have failed in life. It is beyond that. Artist management is a profession like Lawyer, Doctor. The idiot who waits for promotion money to plug the artist is not an artist manager, the issue of getting shows can be a part of that, but then artist management is way beyond begging promoters for free performances.

If your visions and that of the artist to do align there is no way in Chi Ukwu's green earth the project will hit off.

If I have the time will come on live to talk about this or just make a video and upload. Between will invite Y'all to come eat free meat soon in Ajao.
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