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RAMP 2 ROADS:: Improving Access And Opening Opportunities

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

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BY: Ahmad Sajoh

When His Excellency Governor Mohammadu Umaru Jibrilla (Bindow) flagged-off the rehabilitation of 201.4 km of rural Roads on the 24th of June, 2015, little did people know that it was the demonstration of the Governor’s commitment to carrying out a process that started since 2012.

Adamawa State was selected in the year 2012 to benefit from the second tranche of the World Bank assisted Rural Access and Mobility Project otherwise known as RAMP-2. Since then, the successive Governments in the state did not show sufficient political will and commitment to actualize the process. The role of the government is in three key areas. 

Signing of the necessary papers containing terms and conditions. Establishment of necessary special purpose vehicles for the smooth implementation of the programme which in this case is the State Project Monitoring Committee (SPMC) and of course the release of counter-part funds as a definite commitment. All three conditions were fulfilled on the 24th of June, 2017 when the Governor mounted the bulldozer to flag-off the process.

In Adamawa State, the total length of Rural Roads embarked on under phase one is approximately 201.4 divided into three (3) Lots covering the three senatorial Districts. The roads were carefully selected to reflect priority need of populations in communities living along the link, agricultural production, environmental sensitive areas, market and community. Preferences project beneficiaries are the population of rural communities living aside from the roads. These rural communities rely almost exclusively on agriculture and livestock for their subsistence. A significant part of the agricultural work is performed by women. The lack of all-weather roads constantly and severely constraind the access of these communities to economic and social service opportunities which include access to agricultural inputs, markets, rural-urban linkages, health, education, etc
Of the 201.4 km roads to be constructed, four are in the central Zone covering 56.4 km. these are:
Jambutu to Boggare Road- 8.2 km
Njoboli to Njoboliyo to Rugange Road- 9.4 km
Kwananwaya to Namtari Road- 4.2 km
Labondo to Goron to Borrong Road- 34.6 km

These Roads are carefully chosen to help encourage intense agricultural and water resource exploitation in the areas concerned. The Labondo to Borrong road in particular will definitely create a more permanent all season access road to Borrong. These are the roads captures in Lot 1.
Lot 2 covers the Northern Zone and is made up of 5 Roads Totaling 73.5 km. these are;
Mildu to Moduvu to Madagali- 14.9 km
Kaya to Bitiku to Yinagu to Sabon Gari- 17.5 km
Shuwa to Pallam- 8.1 km
Main Road to Koe to Kopa- 8.0 km
Bazza to Betso Mango to Kalikasa to Kasudi to Zah- 25.0 km
Unfortunately due to severe security concerns two of the roads, had to be abandoned. These are in the insurgency prone areas of Madagali Local Government Mildu to Moduvu Madagali are still experiencing periodic attacks from the insurgents. Same goes for Kaya to Bitiku to Yinagu to Sabongari.

Lot 3 covers the Southern Zone with a total distance of 71.5 km.
These are:
New Demsa to Bwashi to Kodumun to Kuraine- 28 km
Kpasham to Kebali to Yanga- 15.2 km
Bille to Wuro Hamawa to Mayo-Belwa- 15.5 km
Gyawana to Hadiyo to Lamurde – 12:8km

In keeping with the Bindow style a team was constituted to go round and monitor progress on the roads and ensure quality and standards are maintained. The team is made up of Hon. Commissioners, Permanent Secretaries, Project leadership and staff as well as members of the press.
The Njoboli to Rugange road was the first visited. It was observed that the road was good, line drains very good and the culverts are equally good. On the whole the jobs were all constructed to standard.

However, it was observed in some places that there are gaps that need to be filled particularly with respect to line drains, culverts and design specifications. The consultant is a highly competent engineer who is committed to ensuring that all standards are maintained.

One very important and outcome of the monitoring visit is to reiterate the end of project to the contractors which is 31st December, 2017. In addition, it provided an avenue to sensitize benefitting communities on the proposed maintenance template which will engage young men and women within the communities to be empowered with tools and monthly stipends to maintain the roads in addition to the yearly mechanical maintenance by the project team. These are all positive outcomes of the commitment of the government of Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow.
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