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Friday, November 24, 2017

/ by Adamawa Celebrities
It is with a heavy heart that we totally condemn the massacre of over 60 women and children in Shaforon, kikem and kodemti villages in Numan local government of Adamawa state on the 19th of november 2017. 
This is the latest in a co-ordinated  agenda to wipe out our people systematically through ethnic cleansing.

This particular discardly act is perpetrated by the Bachama ethnic militia in Numan LG on the defenseless and armless women and children. This came few month after another ethnic militia attack on Fulani communities on the Mambila plateau In Taraba State, and another in Kajuru LG of Kaduna State. This is apart from other isolated cases of killing of our members across the country. 

We therefore condemn in totality this barbaric act of cruelty against humanity and demand a clear action by government to protect all our members and their resources as bonified citezens of the country. We also unequivocally demand justice for our slained members as justice remains the only way to peace.

The entire Fulani herdsmen of this country are today paying the price of co-ordinated  campaign that had deliberately profiled them as perpetrators while they are the major victims. MACBAN is immediately convening a national stake holders meeting to take a definite stand on this act of wickedness against its members who have been left vulnerable by the very Government that is suppose to protect them. Its agonising that we have to face this genocidal attack after years of enduring systematic elimination in one way or the other. 

Let me also call on the media to uplift reporting this act of cruelty against humanity with all sense of responsibility and professionalism It deserves, as members of the 4th estate of the realm. As the recent report from Adamawa massacre show entirely a complacent media reportage where some media organization went as far as twisting the story levelling the fulani's who were actually killed As the killers.
          Finally, at this critical stage MACBAN is prostrated  and at the same time incapacitated as an umbrella body Of the pastoralist associations, giving the magnitude of attack on Its members and the sealed lips attitude exhibited by those that matter to salvage the situation. 
         We will use this medium to condole the families of the deceased and the Adamawa state government and assure them that this matter will be pursued vigorously untill justice is attained. We urge all to remain calm and peaceful to allow justice to take its course.  We will leave no stone unturned in doing all we could to bring the perpetrators of this barbaric act to justice.  

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