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Mandy Caleb Garba: The journey and the it's raining up by Edge's

Friday, November 24, 2017

/ by Adamawa Celebrities
Year 2003, I was a young, excited,Vibrant 300 level student in the university (FUTY) Yola, Adamawa state.  I was Victimized in an examination malpractice scandal I knew nothing about, which almost caused my expulsion from school.

2003-2005 was the most challenging years of my life ever, sleepless nights, constant living in fear for the unknown. Disciplinary committee sittings, senate torture of being called guilty of what am not. Friends doubted me/trust shaking. Being looked upon as a thief always, mockery. It was tough! 

(Umar wasn't a friend, he wasn't my course mate but a 500 level student at the time) we had no form of connection of any kind.  Times I asked God if he was real! something tragic happened! 

In December 2005 (I lost my Dad) he was my ROCK, my confidant, my support. Dad believed me from the unset, he knew Mandy wouldn't do anything of such (that gave me peace of mind).

I was lost,without direction & in April 2006 I gave my life to Christ...

God stood in for me & began to fight my battles! things began to change!! Firstly the enemy was expelled from school (Umar who victimised me)  

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