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Maina Sign of New Mafia

Thursday, November 02, 2017

/ by Adamawa Celebrities
One man believed to the most wanted corrupt fellow traduced with ease  lives of two infamous administrations: one was infamous for corruption, and then another for anti corruption!

Maina by this, has become an anti climax of legendary service in the public domain of Nigeria. The puzzle however is Maina until his recent sack was just an assistant director with the federal government. By this designation, he could easily be passed as a minion in the power equation of the country.

In spite of this disadvantage in his public standing, Maina has by his feats diminished the two administrations of Jonathan and Buhari with reckless ease! He is alleged to have embezzled 100 billion pension funds where he was assigned by the Jonathan presidency to reform.

This allegation was triggered by a report of the 7th Assembly committee on his activities at the pension commission as a reformer! The EFCC and other security agencies declared him wanted when it became clear that the presidency of Jonathan which assigned him could not shield him from investigation and subsequent prosecurial action.

It was this inevitable hand of the law that set the dragnet  which forced this Nigerian son of Sam of the famous Fredrick Forsyth style to go underground and finally fled the country. Nigerians were not surprised at that time because Jonathan administration was already stigmatized but the worst twist is the current scenario in the life of the stigmatizing administration of Buhari which has shocked Nigerians to their bones.

The jackal refaced under the Buhari administration stronger, reinstated, promoted and posted to the ministry of interior by the attorney general and minister of justice of the federation who should be a Vanguard of the war on corruption.

When the press broke the ice, President Buhari took his usual time before firing the man without ordering his arrest. That sounded like a signal to Maina to take cover and he did without waste of time and effort. So, elusive Maina is still at large!

From this brief discourse, it is clear that Maina must have been walking about in military boots, traversing his usual terrain with a police barge and with the staff of presidency in hand! Or what else could be the explanation why the security agencies have suddenly become blind to see this, only when he chooses?

Maina the Phantom man! His acts of disappearance and evasion of the law can only be equalled by the killer herdsmen. The killer herdsmen are one group that has effectively diminished this administration by rendering security agencies helpless. Governors of some states like kaduna have to pay them to spare the lives of her citizens in the southern part of the state. In spite these negotiations some of the governors  engage with these killers, police don't see them when they strike and where they flee to. In this country where generals had been arrested and prosecuted, justices, governors, senators you name it, you begin to imagine why an individual civil servant, lowly placed one for that matter would become untouchable while the police is portrayed as helpless!

It's a mafia style one can say. Groups have started appearing on the scene demanding government to start dialogue with Mr. Maina according to them to expose more culprits. Even a journalist who claimed has been investigating the pension saga has discharged and acquitted Maina. The attempt is to take Maina out as a subject matter and make him a facilitator for justice.

Buhari is blaming PDP of trying to destroy his government by restating Maina. That is worrisome because if PDP's is in this then, we have political parties only in name, what is ruling us is a mafia! 

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