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Herdsmen/Farmers Clash: Which Way Nigeria!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

/ by Adamawa Celebrities
People are dying in their numbers and they are being killed by their own very "brothers" who are supposed to be their keepers. 

But the tragedy is, the killer brothers are committing the massacre in the name of food-animals and crops. The painful fact is that this seems to be acceptable, that I can kill to protect my cattle and I can also kill to protect my farm! 

So, officially we condemn the killing but in our routine life, we justify it as not just a normal and a right thing to do but we accept that it should continue! 

No one in this country is allowed to possess firearms illegally but these killers carry firearms openly and no security agency as I write, has been given the mandate to undertake disarmament of any group on the prow killing and maiming innocent people in the villages. 

Official explanation to the whole saga of herdsmen vs farmers killing which has become a national festival has been that of allegations open allegations : Ah cattle routes are encroached upon, the killer herders invade farmlands before harvest, the killers are foreigners from Niger, Chad or Cameroun! 

A check from these countries shows that there is less than 1%tolerance of farmers /herdsmen clash. Incidentally, Niger where most of these herders are believed to have been coming from according to rtd brigadier John sagaya is the poorest of the countries. Consistently under drought and acute famine sagaya said without their cattle Nigeria will be starved of beef! 

By implication, it is better to eat beef and die since they, beef providers can't stop killing for cattle. They come in armed to the teeth with sofiscated weapons mainly the popular AK47 assault riffles and the country looks the other way because they provide beef, the more than life merchandise! That's if this perspective is true at all. 

Then, the other official explanation, of ECOWAS protocol on free trade and movement! Ghana chased these killers from its country and no body penalized it for breaching protocol. Or is Ghana no longer a member of ECOWAS?! 

Which country in the world today is generous to sacrifice it's citizens for free trade and movement? It is amazing though that Nigeria seems to be that only country seeking Guinness book of record for this! 

And the other explanation, that cattle routes are encroached. My puzzle is that, is the entire Nigeria a landmass of cattle routes? Because everywhere there is war between farmers and herdsmen. And these wars are no small wars, tens of lives are lost at each of the unending festival! What kind of country is this that it has to take two unsuccessful regimes and may be more to deal with senseless killing of innocent lives? 

In today's world, the most liberal democracy is looking inward with a deliberate policy of America first. What is first about Nigerians =death of course, shocking isn't it? Because that's what we are, we are just dying for no good cause and nothing is happening, and no one is crusading against it except blame game. It's like a spell is cast on us and we're enjoying every bit of it with its fight on the social media. 

The way forward is to tell this government, may be it doesn't know, to disarm all as a national program. Let us reduce the war to the war of machetes and see if any one will be willing to deliberately start one. Besides, it will reduce casualty level. Let the herdsman from Niger for instance dare to enter someone's farm with only a machete at arm!

Source: Timeless News
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