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The Winner of Face of Adamawa Celebrities Has Emerged!

Monday, October 30, 2017

/ by Adamawa Celebrities

After meticulous days of decision making, we want to take this precious moment to inform the public that we have come up with a fair judgement looking at how hard all our contestants have been working in order to win this prestigious online contest.

Seeing that all images of contestants were attacked by the use of auto-likes by anonymous users which we initially said would call for termination in the contest, we finally decided to use all results from both the social networks (Facebook & Instagram) and the website page. These was as a result of the social network inability to create a filter for spam messages and fake like and comments.

We had a total of 13 contestant who made it through the voting system. And Below is the results as compiled from Friday, 20th October, 2017. Time: 11:59 PM.

1. Martha Ephraim
Facebook: 538
Instagram: 189
website Page: 59
Total: 786

2. Peace Angelo
Facebook: 178
Instagram: 123
website Page: 127
Total: 428

3. Peace Daniel
Facebook: 1226
Instagram: 97
website Page: 36
Total: 1,359

4. Gloria Solomon
Facebook: 539
Instagram: 208
website Page: 114
Total: 861

5. Wampana Mamza
Facebook: 1254
Instagram: 480
website Page: 164
Total: 1, 898

6. Hatonopwa Kenan
Facebook: 478
Instagram: 129
website Page: 602
Total: 1, 209

7. Eunice Heman
Facebook: 128
Instagram: 75
website Page: 19
Total: 222

8. Fala Bala
Facebook: 256
Instagram: 216
website Page: 84
Total: 556

9. Stella Samuel
Facebook: 1022
Instagram: 189
website Page: 87
Total: 1, 298

10. Usahyel I. Dibal
Facebook: 1043
Instagram: 993
website Page: 731
Total: 2, 767

11. Elizabeth Ambrose
Facebook: 372
Instagram: 122
website Page: 37
Total: 531

12. Falama Nimrod
Facebook: 579
Instagram: 456
website Page: 811
Total: 1, 846

13. Piyamdi Morisson
Facebook: 165
Instagram: 177
website Page: 45
Total: 387

To this end, we are happy to declare Usahyel I. Dibal as the winner of the contest with a total votes of Two Thousand, seven Hundred And Sixty Seven (2, 767), Followed by Wampana Mamza as the first runner up with the total of One Thousand, Eight hundred And Ninety Eight (1, 898) and Falama Nimrod swooped up the second runner up with a total of One thousand, Eight hundred and Forty Six (1, 846).

The top three would be featured in Adamawa Celebrities Magazine, Adamawa Celebrities Blog, Interview on Newspapers and other online magazines across the country and beyond.
We would would continue to work hand in hand with the top three in achieving our planned community projects.

Once again, thank you for supporting creativity, beauty and style.

Have a good day!!!

For further Inquiries contact: 08051600130 or email

NOTE: The coronation night would be announced soon
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