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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

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By: Lilly Bazza James

Some relationships are like Tom and Jerry most times it’s quarreling, arguing and disagreeing. Little misunderstanding is always difficult to resolve because no one really wants to accept any blame. Water can’t quench the fire of love but frequent fighting and quarreling in a relationship will eventually do that.

Ask yourself some questions: are you sure your ego isn’t sabotaging your love? Do you really love him/her? Were you forced into the relationship? Or possibly you didn’t really love him/her but started the relationship based on half bread is better than none? Just go back in time and try to recollect how it all started and what you think could be the cause of disharmony in your relationship.

We fall in love to experience love and bliss, not the opposite. If you know he/she worth your love then do everything possible to make your relationship work. If you have to become humble and be patient please do so without hesitating. It’s not a good thing when a supposed love relationship now turns to the clash of the Titans.

Life is not complicated but things become complicated when we allow ego, ignorant and selfishness to rule our mind.

You should love and cherish your man/woman, after all, that’s why you guys fell in love with each other- love, cherish, care and support yourselves always. Always use sweet words; honey, darling, sweetheart, my love, my angel, divine, my joy.. add to the list :)

Let me briefly describe what love is- Love is the most powerful emotion that we possess, love can give us the strength to move mountains and break barriers if it’s used positively. Love gives us the ability to create and manifest beyond our wildest dreams. Love is a powerful healer, the best antidote to anything poisonous in our lives. Love makes us feel the reason to live.

Where there is real love there is a divine blessing. Foul spirits can have the chance in your relationship and life. Love is spiritual, it transcends time and space. The power of love is real and working in our daily lives. When your man/woman who truly loves you pray and wish you well, things will work out fine for you eventually.

Stop fighting and start loving each other it’s for your own benefit. Play and laugh together like kids and avoid unnecessary argument. Love is beautiful and it worth given up your ego so you may fully experience its awesomeness. A person who finds a good partner finds a good thing and favour from God.

Don’t forget love will attract good things into your life. So love and cherish your man/woman....Have a lovely night rest
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