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“…We Created A Monster called MAITATSINE…” – Benjamin
Posted by Adamawa Celebrities on 15th March 2017
Gilbert Benjamin writes:
“From my own perspective, I think the South Africans are only helping us to HATE ourselves better. The entire world knows too well that we Nigerians don’t like ourselves, we do not Love ourselves and we don’t want to live together as people in one Nation and South Africa as a country among the comity of Nations has stepped out to help us hate ourselves better.

History will help us buttress this point better, many years back, specifically 1983-1984, we created a Monster called MAITATSINE, this group claimed many innocent lives and destroyed properties worth millions of naira. Between the period of the Maitatsine riot and now, so many other uprisings both religious and political were staged in different parts of the country which consumed many innocent lives and also destroyed properties worth billions especially in the last two or three political dispensations.

Not too long ago, specifically in the last 6-7 years, we created another dangerous monster, so dreaded and deadly called BOKO HARAM. The group is classified as one of the most deadliest; with links to other terrorist networks around the world. Bako Haram killed and wasted the lives of many innocent people, destroyed properties and overran many towns, cities, villages and occupied large territories in the North Eastern part of the Country. Boko Haram bombed many worship centres and attacked Police and Military Formations.

As if that is not enough, communities recently had to grapple almost on daily basis with FULANI MILITIA who disguised themselves as HERDSMEN. This group killed and is still killing and wasting innocent lives, attacking villages and displacing farmers from their villages and farms which is their only means of livelihood and even destroying the farm produce.

The most annoying point is that no Fulani Herds man or group have so far been arrested even when 24 hour curfew was imposed in some places; they carry out their atrocities just at the nose of security operatives and gets away with it. Authorities at some point declared that the Herdsmen are not Nigerians but foreigners who came from other neighbouring countries, but yet amidst curfew, no single arrest have been made. Instead, monetary compensations were being paid to them. This as far as I am concerned is a clear indication of how we Nigerians HATE OURSELVES.

So, any time I see Nigerians protesting or making too much noise over what is happing in South Africa, I know clearly that it is not borne out of LOVE but simply an act of HYPOCRISY because we really don’t like or Love ourselves.

While I sympathize with the families of those whose loved ones are victims of this recent evil and mindless attacks on foreigners especially Nigerians in South Africa, I hope and pray that we Nigerians will learn a lot of lessons from this and begin to LOVE one another and to live together as a people in one Nation.”
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