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“PMB Should Jettison Politicking, Its Time For Governance…” – Fwa
Posted by Adamawa Celebrities on 10th March 2017
By: Fenny J. Fwa
PMB’s return is a proof that the social media is full of thrash. Where are photos that showed PMB on oxygen i.e. Life support, in fact some reported he was clinically dead. Now he is back not hidden or taken in ambulance as was the case with Yar Adua. This one he was standing on his feet walking and talking. Some people on social media even said he could not utter a word and was unable to recognize people. All kinds of unsubstantiated permutations.

Now away from the rumour mill. The man should build on little gains made by Osinbajo. Take drastic steps to reorganize his cabinet by dropping most of them and look for capable hands in the academia, captains of commerce and industries and highly experienced technocrats. Get a high powered economic team that will review the long and short terms plans of the government as unfolded by minister of budgets and planning. Change the narrative on Nigerian Economy by working round the clock. 
PMB should jettison politicking, its time for governance and delivering the democratic dividends, get rid of his greedy and analogue kitchen cabinet.He should embrace all shades of opinion and work for the good of the country that is in dire need of economic, political and social engineering.
Wishing him the best as settles down to work.
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