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Enter The New Kachalla Adamawa
Posted by Adamawa Celebrities on 9th March 2017
By: Comr. Bans Manyam

The Kachalla Adamawa is one of those people who were chosen by the Adamawa Emirate Council and bestowed with the responsibility of ancient title of this noble Council. 

In the olden days the Kachalla was the Secretary of the emirate Council during the British era but after the advent of the European expedition the kachalla title became a symbol of identifying eminent title holders from kanem Borno Empire. 

The first Kachalla Adamawa was Alh. Uba Farin Taki, during the era of Governor Sherwood Smith.’ Alh. Uba Farin Taki had enjoyed the title  as the Kachalla Adamwa before he passed on to his fore fathers in 1936. After his death one of his sons, Alh. Mahmud Farin Taki, an esteemed farmer, who -Was a hardworking trader and later an administrator, was busy as a nation builder did not join the emirate council in the capacity of his father but his son Alh. Ahmed succeeded his grandfather in wearing the prestigious shoes of the Kachalla Adamawa. 

Alh. Ahmed Mahmud Farin-Taki was born on 1st  January, 1962 at Fattude Sanda, Vola Town to the family of Alh. Mahmud Farin- Taki. 

He began his education career at Hammawa Primary School, Yola between 1967 and 1974. After successful completion of his primary education, he gained admission into the Former Teachers College Song in 1975. Because of his commitment and dedication to studies, Alh. Ahmed Mahmud Fari- Taki graduated as grade III teacher in 1978. 

He was then engaged to at Yolde-Pate Primary School, Yola for two years. That was between 1979 and 1981. After serving as grade III teacher, Alh. Ahmed Mahmud Farin- Taki, the new Kachalla Adamawa gained admission into Teachers College, Bazza in 1981 for his teacher’s grade II certificate. 

After successful completion of his grade II teacher training, Alh. Ahmed Mahmud Farin- Taki ventured into public service. He joined the service of the Nigerian Ports Authority NPA as senior quay staff between 1982 and 1983. As is expected he left his footprints on the sands of time after selfless and meritorious service at the Nigeria Ports Authority. 

Craving to acquire higher education, Alh. Ahmed Mahmud Farin- Taki gained admission into the University Of Maiduguri where he studied and obtained Diploma in Sharia Law in 1984. After completing his studies, he joined Makair Company a subsidiary of BHI Holdings belonging to his cousin Alh. Bamanga Tukur, Tafida Adamawa as General Manager. The Company was involved in imports and exports as well as clearing. The company was exporting Tea, Coffee, Rubber and Timber from the Mambila Plateau and other parts of the country up to 1989. 

On 1 z” April, 1990 Alh. Ahmed Mahmud Farin- Taki joined the Nigerian Custom Service as Inspector of Customs. He took his new job very seriously and has brought his wealth of experience from BHI holdings to bear on the service. Considering his dedication on duty and quest to serve better, the new Kachalla Adamawa went for training at Nigeria Customs Training School, Ikeja, for a period of one year.
That was from November, is” 1990 to June 1991. After arming himself with lots of fresh ideas and experience, he was posted to work at Murtala Muhammed International Airport Cargo Wing of the Nigeria Customs Service. 

For showing professionalism dedication and commitment, the Nigeria Customs Service promoted Alh. Ahmed Mahmud Farin- Taki to the post of deputy superintendent of customs II in 1992. He was posted to Onne Port to supervise crude oil dealings in 1994. From there the new Kachalla Adamawa went through series of trainings and refresher courses aimed at maximizing his abilities and talents for better service in higher positions in the Nigeria Customs Service. Such courses include Customs and exise Laws, revenue and enforcement duties, footdrill, weaponry and self Defense. 

Others include leadership conference at international centre of proficiency consultants in Canada between 14th and is” May 2012. Training on effective anti-smuggling and forty eight hour cargo clearance for senior officers in the Nigeria Customs Service. Upon completion of these courses, he was posted to Kaduna Alh. Ahmed Mahmud Farin- Taki was posted to the inspection and investigation department at the Nigeria Customs Service Headquarters in Abuja. 

While there he used his endowed abilities and transformed the department to one of the best in the service.
After serving diligently at the headquarters he was posted to Maiduguri Command as Investigation Officer to inspect and investigate Customs matters. 

He was then moved to Adamawa and Taraba Command at OC investigation.
After working in the command, the new Kachalla Adamawa was relocated to Apapa Port Lagos in 2001 and was there for five years before he was again posted to Zone “D” Bauchi in 2006, then to PTML Tincan island Lagos as OC exit gate in 2008. 

After serving at Tincan Island, Alh. Ahmed Mahmud Farin- Taki was reposted to Adamawa and Taraba Command because of his desire to serve his home state. This is to enable him give back to his people what they have given him for many years. Alh. Ahmed Mahmud Farin- Taki – is presently Deputy Superintendent of Customs and OC Anti-Bunkering in-charge of Adamawa and Taraba Command. – Taki as New Kachalla Adamawa. 
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