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“Who Introduced ‘Tribalism’ Into Nigerian Politics?
Posted by Adamawa Celebrities on 28th February 2017
A non-serious question regularly solicits either out from good ‘old fashioned naivety or as a prelude to brazen duplicity.

In the case considered intelligently, it recommends that sometime in the past there was no “tribalism” in Nigerian governmental issues.

That would be a first in mankind’s history as people, for whatever length of time that they have sorted out in social gatherings and created modern psychological procedures, have for the most part perceived “like” as unmistakable from ‘dissimilar to’, whatever the parameters for characterizing similarity may be. It gets from a human impulse to guarantee security and take a stab at advance and favorable position. It would along these lines be supernatural if a gathering existed that had superhuman levels of benevolence and without provoking, essentially renounced this normal inclination of all others.

It is additionally conceivable, maybe even fundamental, as a scholarly practice and memorable obligation, to analyze that brassy question in the Nigerian setting and grill the beginnings of the fiction that lies behind it, from that first article in the Times, to the consequent two in the West African Pilot, and the a huge number of reflex spewings since. What’s more, this cross-examination of history is a holy obligation regardless of the possibility that it is enticing to surrender to the impenetrability of self-serving myths and soothing fictions to truth.

For fear that falsehoods, obtain the sheen of truth by successive redundancy. Indeed, even operating at a profit House.”

culled from Dr. Femi Adebajo timeline
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