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What FG Will Do To People Who Publish Fake News – Buhari’s Media Aide Reveals
Posted by Adamawa Celebrities on 28th February 2017
President Buhari’s adviser on digital media and the head of office of digital engagement, Tolu Ogunlesi was available to uncover the accompanying truths about what the administration arrangements to do about it.

1. We need to educate people on social media

Talking on the wrong utilization of online networking in Nigeria, Mr Tolu Ogunlesi underscored that Nigerians should be taught on the best possible utilization of web-based social networking and the outcomes of distributing falshoods on their web-based social networking stages.

2. We don’t have a social media policy

Talking on the elected governemt’s online networking approach, the associate to Buhari uncovered that the administration had no firm strategy yet, yet they were dealing with an appropriate arrangement that would control government and subject engagement.

3. Xenopohbia in South Africa

In a similar vein of fake news, he stated: “A portion of the recordings been flowed about Xenophobia in South Africa are fake and have nothing to do with South Africa, so we should be watchful.”

4. Government regulating social media will bring trouble

Will the legislature control online networking? Ogunlesi was of the feeling that it could spell inconvenience. “We have to control ourselves and alert ourselves,” he said.

5. We need to adapt regulatory laws

The head of advanced engagement likewise said that the administrative laws on abhor discourse and criticism should have been altered to suit the quickly changing social and computerized media space of this new age.

6. If someone libels you, go to court

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“The laws should be tried, on the off chance that somebody slanders you, prosecute the matter,” he likewise encouraged the group of onlookers. In the event that individuals took their grievances to the law courts in matters of slander and loathe discourse, it would help check the harm brought on by wrong utilization of online networking.

7. Government is yet to catch up with social media

He additionally said the legislature was somewhat moderate making up for lost time with web-based social networking, however soon they would find up by actualizing an online networking approach that would direct engagement with subjects.

8. How we will combat fake news

The administration arrangements to work better at discharging news immediately with a specific end goal to battle fake news in the online networking space.

9. Facebook and Google need to penalize people who publish fake news

Talking on directing online networking, he was of the conclusion that self control among writers, bloggers and proprietors of web-based social networking stages would go far to check the multiplication of fake news.

Facebook and Google need to penalize people that publish fake news,” he concluded.

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