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Fire on the Mountain – Is Miss Adamawa Beauty Contest A Fraud?
Posted by Adamawa Celebrities on 28th February 2017
Numerous question are arising, questioning the credibility of the Miss Adamawa Beauty Pageant event and organizers in Adamawa State. 
The event which had its grand premiere on the 7th of May in 2016 at the Silver Hotel had on its flyers prescribed as “Miss Adamawa” while at the event, three queens of different offices and portfolios were crowned.
According to the organizers, the grand winner is to go home with the grand prize of a Million Naira, a movie deal and other incentives.
The questions rumbling the minds of beautiful people of Adamawa State are:
1. Was the reigning Miss Adamawa given the Million Naira as promised?
2. Was she given a movie deal?
3. Did she appeared on any Magazine nation wide?
4 Did she had a visit to Tinapa Resorts, Calabar, Nigeria?
5. What project did they define for the reigning Miss Adamawa that has been executed?
According to sources, the event organizers had the support of Adamawa’s award winning media house; Gotel Communications at the earlier stages of the preparations, but later backed out due to unknown reasons.
Another fact obtained was that the event organizers took it on themselves to create an office titled “Miss Central” to compensate the fourth position at the event which seemed to be fishy. During the the crowing of the “Miss Central“, the other contestants of the Miss Adamawa 2016/2017 were not informed nor the press invited.
The other offices namely Miss Tourism and Miss Peace Adamawa which ought to be a different event on their own looking at the professional stands of Beauty Pageantry in Nigeria, were also promised a prize and other incentives which according to source are yet to be given their prizes.
Through out their one year in offices, the management of the event couldn’t execute a single project from their management office.
Other airing and pressing questions are:
1. Did the organizers obtain franchise from the National Beauty Pageantry Organizers for the organizing such events so as to get an automatic slot for Miss Nigeria, Miss Tourism Nigeria and Miss Peace Nigeria at the national level?
2. Why combine separate (professional) events in one events?
3. Are they after the money to be obtained from the registration of contestants (Three Crowns) or are they doing it to develop the society through empowering women.
4. Is it a must to be managed by the organizers after winning the crown, when a contestant might have her management that she was working with?
Recently the organizers posted the new flyer for the 2017/2018 edition of the event which they titled it “Liberation of Hope” which according to them the would be crowing “Miss Adamawa, Miss Tourism, Miss Independent, Miss Peace“, excluding the former Miss Central in the List.
The excluded and cloudy Miss Central title according to a source, months back had issues with the crowned queen where she stripped herself off the offices; dumping their Sash and the Crown.
The organizers were said to be making jest of the formerly crowned Miss Central saying they made her who she is today, She got the connections she has today only because of them.
In identifying the ranking of offices in these contests, are the organizers maintaining that the position of Miss Adamawa is superior to the office of Miss Tourism, Miss Peace and the defunct Miss Central?

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Another rising issue is that another company/group has emerged on Facebook that they would be organizing Miss Adamawa.

Another question is “Where is the company/organisation/group coming from? and Where is their location?”

So many questions where asked, Adamawa people needs clarifications on that.
The smooth running of events is paramount to establishing a strong working system in the state where it would focus on developing oneself, the community, the state and the nation at large.

where do we go from here!


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