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Is He Surrounded By Opportunist Or Is He Together With Those That Fought His Fight From Day 1? (UNEDITED))
Posted by Adamawa Celebrities on 26th February 2017
Shuayb Ngura writes:
The Pro state government Agents are busy calling the today’s prayer gathering of Mr President here in Yola North as campaign rally!, while others called it Nyako gatherings,Others kam ma sukace 2015 pictures ne,…to show you how myopic and self considerate they are!, in politics.

what i see in the multitude is a complete solidarity and love to the past Governor Baba Maimongoro with passion!.
I see a total grievances, Distrust,dissatisfaction with the present Governor!which i already know it exist but you keep misinforming him,and leaving in denial that the 4 ace is in your hands when it comes to common man in the street.

This unedited piece was written by Shuayb Ngura. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of AdamawaCelebrities.com.

Either it is a rally, a prayer session for PMB or it is 2015 gathering!.,to me,this shouldn’t be your problem.if you mean well for d governor, your problem should be “where did the governor get it wrong”?…who are in his cabinet?is he surrounded by opportunist or is he together with those that fought his fight from day 1?…is his policies and priorities intandem with the need of the common people in the state? Does men with poor people at heart exist in his cabinet???

This is the metropolis, where 60 percent of his Roads constructions took place,the remaining 20 local govt share the remaining 40 percent BUT here!, is the place that doesnt like to see his picture on a poster with PMB talkless of mentioning his name!!.what of the remaining 20 local govt???…whatever the case might be,this is a multitude a politician can not play with or ignored!.

I was there a prayer was offered to the president by both faiths representatives…the scene turned to something that look like a political event, when somebody by the name Sanusi was sighted holding a poster with Bindow Buhari and Osinbajo on it @ the stage.the crowd protested that he has to disappear frm there or they will disrupt the gathering,and security had to put him away for peace.

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Immediately, the crowd got the tip that Azeez Nyako is on his way to the event,new energy and morale got into the air,until his arrival.

After too much pressure to let Nyako jnr speak to the people by the multitude, he finally spoke with no political undertone…along the way, he was also denied to proceed his good will message, unless if he is to imitate his father’s voice and the manner in which Nyako Snr use to talk. he admitted he can not be able to,and he was later on,requested to put his father on phone for the people to heard his voice.they tried to do that for peace to reign but they couldn’t. that’s how the program was rounded up.

For somebody inventing lies that Bindow was insulted and rubbished there is a big lie!. I’ve not heard his name even once by the speakers!rather they tried to maintained the purposed of the gathering.

Believe me or not Bindow na da matsala a tafiyanshin nan…ko ba a ko ina ba,yana dashi a jimeta,amma basu son gayamar gaskiya!.His political calculations need to be re evaluated!.

Is not yet late to fix issues!.stop living in denials for once.

To Atikulated kuma,,,we didn’t call for rally ma kenan.PMB na juju…mek una surrender.this is yola not katsina incase u want to know.

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